The Wedding Chronicles: Asking Bridesmaids- Nikki!

I asked my first bridesmaid to be my bridesmaid a few weekends ago; Nikki! Nikki is my big sister from my sorority and have been close since I joined Delta Gamma Sophomore year of college.kends ago; Nikki! Nikki is my big sister from my sorority and have been close since I joined Delta Gamma Sophomore year of college.  Since college we have been sure to keep in touch and visit each other. From visiting Nikki in New York & Roanoke, getting together in Richmond to Nikki gracing the streets of downtown Frederick, I love being with her.  I am so happy I got to spend a wonderful weekend with her and that she said YES to being one of my bridesmaid.  How did I do it you ask?  Well the rest of the girls were in on it {Mallory, Nicole and Mandi}, we all went out to eat at The Conch Republic which is right along the river.  During dinner I snuck out to the car to grab the “materials” and asked the host to hid my bag of materials behind the front desk.  I had a part for everyone to read for me.  I had to sneak those under the table to each of them. Nikki had no clue. 🙂 She did however think we were all entirely rude because we were all texting {each other} at the table and weren’t really talking.

I was FREAKING out.  At the end of dinner we headed outside. I said I had to go to back inside to use the little girls’ room. The rest of the girls got Nikki to go a little further away from the building.  I came back out and of course Nikki saw me and shouted “Tara what is that?” I dropped my bag behind a bush and ran over to the girls and we all formed a circle around Nikki.  She was completely creeped out at this point.  I lit a candlestick that kept blowing out, mostly because of the wind but partly from my shaking.   At the end of the ceremony I formally asked Nikki to be my Bridesmaid and she said Yes! I ran over to the bush and gave Nikki her some goodies. {I will show you all when I have asked everyone as not to spoil the surprise for the rest of the girls.}

Mandi caught this cute pic right after I popped the question. 🙂
Here are some pics of our friendship over the years…
{Right before dinner at The Conch Republic in Richmond}
{Bid Day 2010- our family}
{My big is so little.. Bid day 2010}
{Before going out at the end of Senior Year}
{At the Senior Brunch}
{Visiting Nikki in NYC!}
{On the Staten Island Ferry}
{Visiting Mal and Nicole in Richmond}
{Before Semi Formals Junior Year}
{VT Football Game}
{Nikki visiting Frederick for 4th of July festivities}
{Pregaming in NYC}
{Out in NYC}
{Visiting Marylee in Philly!}
{Dinner at the Conch Republic in Richmond}
{Nikki and I at Brewer’s in Frederick a few days after Wade popped the question}
{Nikki’s beautiful hair blowing in the wind on the Staten Island Ferry}
{Out in NYC at the 13th Step}
{DG VT Parent’s Weekend}
{Just rolling around on the floor before Semi’s Junior Year}
{Some DG’s}
{Bid day 2009}
{Being weird in Philly}
{Pregaming Senior Year}
{Senior Year Formals}
{Cutie pie}
{Dave and Buster’s on NYE in Times Square}
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