Richmond Weekend

Other than asking Nikki to be my bridesmaid, we had a blast a few weekends ago in Richmond.  I arrived to Mallory and Nicole’s adorable apartment mid morning on Saturday.   Nicole, Nikki, Mallory, Mandi and I drank mimosas {my favorite thing} and caught up on each others’ lives.  

We then all got beautified and headed to Hardywood Park Craft Brewery.  We got there super early and had to wait around for an hour but it was such a beautiful day we didn’t mind. 

Mal knew a guy who opened his own popsicle stand; but these weren’t any ordinary popsicles.  They were all homemade with fresh ingredients and fun/unique flavors. {basil, pomegranate, etc}

Soon the food trucks and people poured in and the doors opened.  Mal and I got a couple pitchers of beer and took it back to the girls.  Some of us grabbed some food from the food trucks to share, the thai food and brick oven margherita pizza was amazing. We all stayed and chatted for hours; like I said before it was such a beautiful day!

We learned about a Richmond initiative called ‘local suds’ an app for craft beers. Check it out {here}.  One of us who will not be named took a liking to the studs boy. 🙂

Ryan, Ashley, Allie and Andrea actually came later on as we were about to leave.  It was great to see them if even for a few minutes.  

{Brick Oven Food Stand} 
{yummy pizza + Local Suds Coozie}  
 {Beer Barrels}
 {Inside the Brewery}

We headed home to nap/freshen up before heading out to dinner at the Conch Republic along the river. Before leaving we made sure to do a champagne toast.
We had to wait an hour or so to eat, but we just hung out by the bar where an asian man in sunglasses tried to be smooth.  He later sent us drinks which was nice I guess.

I was freaking out the whole dinner because I was going to ask Nikki to be my Bridesmaid as you saw {here}.  I won’t bore you again with the details.  I did however have a wonderful Jerk Chicken Sandwich.

 {The Conch Republic}
After dinner came the asking and then we were out to celebrate.  We first headed to a bar called Starlite to meet Mandi’s big sister {sorority}, Bridget.  The race was letting out so people poured into the bar dressed as redneck as could be. {on purpose of course}
We then headed to Baja Bean and Co. They had a pretty sweet patio set up. We hung out with some hilarious guys. It was a great time. I love Richmond more and more each time I visit.

 {Creepy alien elephant on the walk to Baja Bean}
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