Frederick’s Restaurant Week 2013

I just now realized I never wrote about Frederick’s Resturant week. To my defense, I had a lot going on during that time and wasn’t very much in the ‘blogging’ mood.  Nonetheless,  I was able to check out Isabellas with my cousin David for dinner and Ayse Meze with my friend Amy for lunch.

At Isabellas I started off with the queso al horno {wedge of creamy brie bakes on toasted bread with almonds, port wine reduction and fresh orange.
Next I ordered the Esparragos Fritos con Salsa Alioli {Crispy Panko Crusted Asparagus “Fries” with Smoked Tomato Alioli} Golly I love these thing!
As far as drinks go, I ordered a mango mojito. I cannot wait to have one of these on the patio come summer time!

Next I ordered Mejillones Al Vapor Cataluna {Pan-Steamed Black Mussels with Garlic, Crushed Red Pepper, Olive Oil, Fresh Bayleaf and Grilled Bread} This was a new dish to me- usually I get the same thing every time!} They were very very good! I loved soaking the juice up at the end with the grilled bread. YUM!

 David and I were not ready to leave after so we said for another beer or two.  I ordered the Patatas Fritas Caseras con Salsa de Queso de Cabra {Homemade Potato Chips with Cherry Glen Farms Goat Cheese Dip}  for us to munch on.  I loved the dip! 

 A few days later I met up with Amy for lunch at Ayse Meze.  I ordered a white wine and Amy a mojito.   

 I ordered the two course lunch. First up- Greek Salad.  It was decent, nothing like the Greek salads in Greece!

 For my main course I ordered the grilled chicken pita with feta and tzatziki. I LOVE tzatziki so I was all over it.  When the sandwich came, although it was good, it was a little dry with barely any tzatziki. I of course asked for a side of the delicious sauce and that made the pita amazing.

Although not restaurant week related, I though I would share the amazing pizza we had the other day.  Wade and I went on a little dinner date to Brewer’s Alley to lift our moods. We sat outside on the patio; it was such a beautiful day.  Beers were ordered of course. We then ordered a side of sweet potato fries for an appetizer. I ordered a small margherita pizza and it was heaven. I’ll tell you what there is something about having a wood-fire stove that make pizza’s just amazing.  This will be my go to dish at Brewer’s from now on.

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