Vasta Get Together

 As many of you know last May I went on a trip of a lifetime to Greece and got the chance to meet family and stay in the family home in the town of Vasta. See the blog entry about Vasta {here}.  Since visiting Vasta and writing about my experience, I have been put in contact with distant family! It turns out these family member were not geographically distant.  I was so excited when Angelos Backus invited me to a huge Vasta family & friends get together a few weekends ago.

I asked my Mom, Aunt Cindy and family friend Linda {who is helping us put together our family tree} to come with me.  Cindy and Linda drove all the way from Salisbury to the party in Silver Spring.  It was hectic for my Mom and I to navigate to the party {as usual!} but we were so relieved and excited when we got there!

It was so wonderful to finally meet Angelos.  There were a fair amount of people there when I arrived and we all introduced ourselves and tried to figure out in which ways we were related. The hosts had little name tags for us all to write our names down and which Vasta family we were from.  Many wrote their names in Greek; my Mom and I felt left out!

We went into the basement where the Backus’ had a lovely bar {and even a bartender!} with yummy Greek appetizers to munch on.  They also had a projector screen with a slideshow of pictures of Vasta. {Some of them were from our trip to Vasta}

More and more people arrived, everywhere we looked there were more people to see and meet.  What a great turnout! According to Angelos; more than 60 people RSVP’d, I think there were more than that! Our cousins Stavroula and Evanthia came as well and it was so nice to see them.

After drinks, snacks and mingling; it was time for some speeches.  It was so nice to hear stories about the people that were there and all the different states people had traveled from to be at the party. {Wisconsin and Texas to name a few!}

Dinner was then announced and we all traveled to the dining room where there was a wonderful buffet of Greek food! I have no idea how Mrs. Backus did it! Everything was beautiful and delicious, I was stuffed and barely had room for dessert!

Dimitra made everyone party favors, so nice! They were little blue beaded bracelets with the evil eye. I love it! The party was filled with people of all ages; young and old.  The kids were SOOOO cute!

I loved hearing stories from some of the people that grew up in Vasta.  I never knew that World War II continued after the US pulled out.  Some of the people I talked to went without seeing their loved ones for ten years.  Some of the family immigrated to the US and before the rest could travel over, the war happened.  They had to wait over ten years to see their families. 

I also learned that we have a family CAVE! {Well all the families in Vasta did} How neat! They said it is more like a huge hole in the ground which you have to climb down into then it turns horizontal.  This is where the family would hide in the old days when the village was under attack! Next time we visit Vasta we will have to see it.

Angelos and his wife put on such a wonderful party for everyone! The food was so delicious and reminded me so much of our trip to Greece.  It was definitely a very exciting a fun Saturday! I cannot wait for the next get together!

 {Angelos giving some speeches}
 {Drinks and Appetizers}

 {Greeks love to drink!}
{Pretty picture of Vasta}

 {Name tags and party favors}

 {My overflowing plate}

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  • Reply Kathy Wednesday, June 8, 2016 at 10:18 am

    Lovely photos … I see many family members, cousins, aunts and uncles, and my son! My mom was also there, but didn’t see her in any of the pictures, sorry I couldn’t make the long trip from Maine. Thanks for sharing your memories, you brought it all to life again!

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