The Wedding Chronicles: Buying Rentals!

Picking a remote reception venue has its benefits but also adds a lot of extra steps and stress. Dealing with rentals, thus far has been the longest and most agonizing part of the wedding. We had to figure out how many of each item we needed.  The worst was the figuring out the amount of tables!  At the wedding expo back in November I had contacted two rental companies.  Premier Event Rentals and Grand Event Rentals.  I had thought about colors and had really loved the color mint and earthy greens.  I have never really wanted pink as one of my colors.

After the Holidays, my friend Ashley and I went to check out Premier Event Rentals.  We got to play dress up with the table and played around with champagne, light earthy green, mint and peach linens.  We liked the mint and the peach the best; but once we found the burlap runners they did not look the best with the mint table clothes.  BUTTTT with the peach linens they looked amazing! Peach it was! We loved the gold chavari chairs but at $7 a piece I was not sure if it would be worth it.  They would definitely be an extra and bring us way above budget.

The store had a January special where you got 15% off everything except the fancy chavari chairs.  Go figure! I had to act quick and make a decision if I wanted to save some money.

We only had a little bit of time before the store closed, but my Mom and I went back a few weeks later to finalize the look.  My Dad cut a few wood slabs from a fallen tree on their property and we bought some white and peach flowers from Wegman’s before heading to the store for our appointment.

Although we were stressed with the little amount of time we had, my Mom and I had fun trying once again different colored table linens and napkins. She agreed the fancy gold chairs were amazing.

There weren’t many options for the silverware but they did have gold rimmed plates which adds a little bit of fanciness to the table.  The rental company also offered gold chargers, they really looked nice by at $1.75 a piece it all adds up!

The runners were very nice but went at $10 a runner, which I thought was high considering the whole table cloth was $12!  We took note of the measurements and I later researched I could make my own for about $4 a pop. {which I will be re-selling}

 Because we wanted burlap runners, we had troubles deciding if the burlap napkins would be too much brown.

{Love the gold Charger!}
{The most expensive option, Gold chair and Gold Charger}
{Now with burlap napkin}
{Zoom out}

Ok we decided to get rid of the fancy chairs. Now what looks best with the white folding chairs….

{No gold charger, Burlap Napkin}
{Or Peach Napkin?}
{Gold Charger and Burlap Napkin?}
{Gold Charger and Peach Napkin}
It was then when we had an ephiphany.. we needed a bread plate. As we were trying to see where the plate would fit best, we placed it on top of the main dinner plate.  We thought it was way too much with the big gold charger.  Good thing because that decreased the bill significantly yet again.
Now- Peach or Burlap Napkin is the question?
{I am digging the peach on peach}
{One last look with the burlap napkin}

{We enjoyed the flowers at home over the next week 🙂 }
We had a few weeks before we had to order, so I wanted to look around at another rental company and see their products and hear the deals.
My Mom and I headed over to Grand Event Rentals and met with, Jamie, she was the best.  Unfortunately in the end the prices were higher at Grand Event.  They did have a natural wood version of the white folding chairs that we loved, but that perk was not enough to spend the extra money.
Where the difficultly in picking rentals appeared was with the number of tables we needed, which in turn effected how many linens we needed.  It was a grace from God when Taylor from the barn sent out the regular barn newsletter for the brides and had a layout drawing of the barn with dimensions. From there I used the {Floor Planner} Website to mimic the dimensional drawings from Taylor and added the layout of the tables.

I contacted the caterer to ask how much table space they needed to prep/cook the food, they said 24 ft total.
We made a list of the types of tables we would need in addition to the guest tables; memory table, guestbook table, bar back table, appetizer tables (2), cocktail hour drink table, buffet tables, among others. 
It came to the point that I was just so stressed about it, that I asked Taylor if we could stop by the barn and take some measurements, of course she said yes.  My main concerns were the spaces available for the caterers to work and the space for everyone to fit at the head table! For the head table area there are huge beams coming from the side of the barn and the top, so we had to see how we would fit 18 people at the table!
I thought this would be the perfect time to show some of my besties the barn and hear their ideas on the setup for the wedding. Most of them were able to attend and I was so happy.  They all seemed to love the barn and see my vision.  I could not be more excited for 5/31/2014!
After the girls left, I snapped a few more photos of the barn/ground, since I just love the Mathwig Estate Event Barn so much!
 {Hanging Wagon Wheel= Makeshift mason jar chandelier}
 {Found this little vintage coke cooler!}
 {Stones to add to the foundation of the barn}
 {Tree to hang mason jars with candles!}
In the end we used Premier Event Rentals. I ordered the white chairs for $3.50 each, Peach linens {17 round linens @ $12 each and 6 rectangle linens at $18 each), 150 peach napkins @ 150 salad plates @ $0.50/per, dinner plates $0.50/per, forks {Salad and Dinner}@ $0.45, spoons$0.45, knifes$0.45, wine glasses $0.45, water glasses $0.45, some champagne flutes and martini glasses. We also ordered a variety of the different sized tables we needed.  We have more tables than we have linens, but we will use some family ones to add a personal touch.  

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  • Reply Madison Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    I came across your blog while planning and searching for barns for my own wedding. I love reading your chronicles as it prepares me for things I need to look into. I love the Thurmont barn (but still trying to convince my fiance). We are planning on getting married October 2014 and I had some questions for you. Did the catering company not offer plates,silverwar, linens etc or did you choose to go with Premier? Also, how many people are you inviting?
    Thanks so much and I look forward to more.

  • Reply Lace and Grace Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 12:27 am

    Hi Madison! Thank you so much for contacting me and for reading my blog! Congrats on your engagement! This is such a fun and exciting time. I would love to answer your questions. The catering companies I looked at, for the most part, did not supply plates, linens, etc. Canapes would "book" the rentals for you (they would book them through Premier Rentals), Lieter's Catering did own their own rentals but you had to pay (I thought) an arm and a leg to use them. The Savory Spoon does not handle rentals at all but recommended either Premier Rentals or Grand Event Rentals. I researched other various caterers and it seemed to find the same things. When this whole process started I guess I had just assumed a caterer I hired would bring its own plates and silverware for us to use!
    In the end I chose to go with Premier as budget was a huge concern for us. They has the widest selection and lowest prices for the items I needed. (not sure about tents, etc) We are planning to have 150 people to the wedding/reception.
    I hope this answers your questions. Thanks again!

  • Reply Madison Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 11:38 am

    Thanks, I guess I assumed the caterer took care of it – good to know.

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