St. Paddy’s Day Celebration

Unfortunately I was not able to go out on the town for actual St. Patrick’s Day but went out on Saturday night.

Wade and I started off our night with a drink at Volt with my friend Maddie.  We then headed to the mecca of irish bars in Frederick, Bushwaller’s. To meet up with our friends Jessica and Willie.  There was a $10 cover charge which we whined about but paid.  The bar was super crowded but thank goodness Jessica and Willie and company found a nice little nook near the bar and band.  

I usually am not a fan of Guinness but thought what the heck, I’ll be festive.  Wade and I LOVED it.  I don’t know if it was because it was on tap or what but I was hooked.  

To be budget friendly we ordered cheap beer the rest of the night, but vowed to buy some for actual St. Patrick’s Day.

The cover band at Bushwaller’s, Jeff from Accounting was soooo good.  I could not stop talking about it.  (Willie made fun of me)

There were also these little card stock cut outs of this guy making a funny face, which entertained us for a while.  

{Decided to glam it up with curls and lipstick}

 {My Love}
{The clover in my Guinness foam! I was obsessed}

 {Jessica posing with the entertainment for the night}
 {Taking a minty green shooter}
{The boys taking an irish car bomb}
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