Signing Singles Movie Premier!!

A few Friday’s ago my good friend Casey and her boyfriend, Dan held a second, more intimate movie premier at Casey’s house.  Of course Casey and Caitlin did a wonderful job of making their home feel like a movie theater with fresh popped popcorn, corn dogs, soft pretzels and of course CANDY among many other yummies!
We all ate our weight in delicious movie food and beer and had a great time chatting.  Later on in the evening we gathered in the basement for the screening using the projector! 
I was so so impressed by the movie! The story plot was well written, well thought out and unique!  The actor/actress were HOT and great at acting! I loved the whole way the short file was shot.  Needless to say I am obsessed! AMAZING JOB DAN AND CASEY!
We ended up being able to see the special directors cut edition later in the night and it was even better!
Here are some pics from the night!
{She even etched lights, camera, action into the candle holders!}
{Yummy soft pretzels}
{Corn dogs!}
{Goodie bags full of boxed candy!}
{I ate my weight in popcorn}
{Amazing  (faux) popcorn cupcakes!}
{Popcorn machine + dvds}
{Diane and Casey- posing on the red carpet 🙂 }
{Almost movie time!}
{Chips and dip! yum!}
{The cutest custom made directors chair from Casey to Dan}
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If you are interested in buying a copy of the short film for $20 contact Casey Keyser at and she will ship you a copy. 🙂

I will definitely be buying a copy and cannot wait to see all of the opportunities that come to Dan and Casey from this excellent short film!  LOVE YOU GUYS!

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