Making Sushi!!!

 I love sushi and when I purchased a makisu (bamboo rolling mat) a few years ago,  I was surprised to find how easy it is to make your own sushi!

In addition to the bamboo mat here is what you will need:

Sushi rice (I use NISHKI found at any grocery store)
Seaweed (Yamamotoyama)
Rice vinegar

choose your own ingredients!
I chose this time- avocado, green pepper, cucumber and cream cheese.  Salmon and spicy tuna are also favorite options.

Step 1: cook the sticky rice.

Step 2: cut up ingredients.

Step 3: get a cold bowl of water

Step 4: spread cooked and cooled rice on bamboo mat, dipping wooden spoon in water for simpler spreading (place mat in big ziploc bag for easier cleanup)

Step 5: Place seaweed on top of rice. (if want seaweed on outside-please seaweed down first and spread rice on top of seaweed)

Step 6: Place your filling ingredients at the very bottom edge of the mat.

Step 7: With the bottom of the mat (the side your filling is placed) pull up and roll mat over the inside ingredients and tuck.

Step 8: Begin to roll the mat/sushi without the allowing the end of the mat to roll under the sushi.  (you will see what i mean)

Step 9: Get a sharp knife and wet with cold water. Cut sushi roll in half then place the two halves next to each other and cut again.  Continue until you have sliced the sushi into the desired thickness.

*If you want the rice on the inside- simply lay down seaweed on mat and spread rice on top of the seaweed.

So So good! Enjoy!

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