Lightfoot Restaurant

After the holidays, my college roomies and I met up in Leesburg and had a wonderful, indulgent dinner at Lightfoot Restaurant.
I had been wanting to eat at Lightfoot for over a year so I was extremely excited!
I was amazed how fancy and cozy the place was when we walked in.  
We immediately were taken to our tables.
Our waitress seemed nice at first but you could tell she was a bit nervous
Since the wine was pretty pricey by the glass we decided to get the 2nd cheapest bottle of wine they had to share- a Pino Grigo
We also ordered the calamari to share- it was okay.
After the waitress took our orders it took FOREVER to get our food.  So we ordered another bottle of wine. 🙂 
I ordered a chicken dish that was stuffed with ricotta cheese and peppers on top of a bed of  polenta.  Everything was topped with this red sauce with grapes and slices of chorizo! I was in heaven! It was so so delicious.
After dinner it once again took forever for our waitress to come.  We asked for the checks split and it was a huge ordeal, she said she couldn’t split it and told us another way to do it.. which was exactly what we were saying! So confusing!

Anyways.. despite the customer service.  The food was good and the company was  great.  I cannot wait to go back to Lightfoot!

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