The Wedding Chronicles: Picking a Caterer/ Tasting

There are of course many important things to a wedding; as I mentioned before, a superb photographer was one of them.  Both Wade and my family love to eat, so we knew good food would be imperative.  I mean who wants to go to a wedding and be starving, only to have food you barely can get down?

I had been researching caterers for a few months {simultaneously while looking for a venue and photographer) and narrowed my list down to a few:

-The Savory Spoon
-Celebrations Catering (in Northern VA)
-Leiter’s Catering

I contacted each caterer and got proposals. Canapes of course has a wonderful reputation around Frederick but also an accompanying price tag.  Celebrations Catering (in Northern VA not the one in Hagerstown) proved to have the largest price tag and since they were not local I threw them out of the running.  Leiter’s Catering had a fairly decent price tag but online did not have the best reviews.  Some friends {including my wonderful photographer} recommended The Savory Spoon Catering. I really loved the menu they came up with in their proposal and the price tag.  The only downside I saw {but in the end may be a blessing}was that we would have to book our rentals {plates, silverware, glasses, etc}

In the end it came down to price and between Leiter’s and Savory Spoon. Eventually, Leiter’s got down their price a little more after talking with them, but I was super impressed with the communication and customer service I had been receiving from Cheri and Lindsey at the Savory Spoon.  What also set this decision in my head was the amazing experience I had with The Savory Spoon at the Frederick Bridal Expo. {Details/post here} There food and staff was very impressive.

After much discussion, we decided to book out tasting with Savory Spoon.  Pending the experience of the tasting, we decided we would book with them.  Savory Spoon had a wonderful deal that if you booked the day of your tasting you get your choice of 2 non-alcoholic beverages for free! Which comes to about $450 off your bill. Nice!

We had our tasting two Saturdays ago.  The Savory Spoon rents their kitchen right next to {same property land} the Clustered Spires Pastry Shop.  We had our tasting at the Pastry Shop while they cooked in a separate building. 

Lindsey was waiting for us inside and had the table all set up for our tasting 🙂 It was a semi-private tasting, we had 2 other people join us- A bride and her mother.  The girl’s fiance was not able to come. At first I was weary of having other people join us, but in the end it turned out to be great! How so you ask? Well we got to taste everything on their menu in addition to our own. The Savory Spoon also made more items that were not on either of our proposed menus. 

Our first items to try were the vegetable crudites w/ ranch dip and fresh fruit with blueberry dip. Next a salad served family style served.  Everything was so fresh!

{Fresh Fruit and Veggie Crudites}
{Family style salad}
{Dressings in cute vintage jars}
For our appetizers, our proposed menu had an anti pasta display. The different meats, cheeses and fresh olives were to die for! 

Next up was the meatballs! Our proposal had the amazing apricot and ginger meatballs; they also brought out some Italian meatballs for us to try.  Our apricot meatballs were out of this world!

The Savory Spoon threw in some crab dip that was not on either one of our proposed menus, and let me say, I do not think I have ever had such crab filled crap dip! So Good!

The brushetta as on the other couples menu, let me tell you, that stuff was fresh and super flavorful.  I could eat it every day!

The other couple also wanted some pumpkin sweet potato fritattas.  I had never had fritattas before and they were pretty good! (the savory spoon also threw in some bacon wrapped dates on the plate- I think they already somehow knew what makes my mouth water)

{Anti pasta display}
{Spiced Apricot Meatballs w/ Sweet Ginger BBQ Sauce & Italian Black Olive Meatballs w/ Marinara}
{The most amazing crab dip}
{Yummy brushetta}
{Sweet Potato Pumpkin Frittatas and Bacon Wrapped Dates}
The main entrees were next in line.  First, our stuffed chicken with sun dried tomatoes and pesto! It was perfect and the pesto/parm roasted potatoes were amazing. 
Next was chicken parm, this was on the other couple’s menu.  The chicken was juicy and lightly fried.  The noodles, I believe, were lightly sauteed.  Needless to say, this was the best chicken parm I had ever had!
Pork loin with garlic with rosemary mashed potatoes + buttered green beans were on the next plate and not on either of our menus. (well the mashed potatoes were on ours) I am not  usually a fan of pork loin, but I greatly enjoyed my piece.  The mashed potatoes were to die for and we still cannot decide if we want the roasted or mashed potatoes!
Next was the grilled pit beef with blue BBQ sauce and the wonderful mashed potatoes, and also on our menu.  The beef was delectable!
{Chicken Roulade Stuffed with Sun dried Tomatoes, Pesto and Mozzarella Cheese Served with Parmesan Pesto Roasted Red Potatoes}
{Chicken Parmesan}
{Roast Pork Loin Served w/ Creamy Garlic & Rosemary Mashed Potatoes & Green Beans in Shallot Butter}
{Yummy BBQ Sauce}
{Pit Beef Smothered in Blue’s BBQ Sauce Served w/ Creamy Garlic & Rosemary Mashed Potatoes}
Even though either of us had dessert on our proposals, the SS staff brought our yummy cheesecake for us to try and a yummy red velvet cake made by the Clusters Spires Pastry Shop.  Red Velvet is Wade’s favorite cake.  We were impressed!
Because we were planning on booking the day of our tasting, we got to choose two beverages.  Supposedly this cherry fizz punch is all the rage! I wanted to try it but they did not have all the ingredients at the time.  The Savory Spoon is so awesome that they ran out and bought the missing ingredient. Now that is customer service! The cherry fizz punch was wonderful and definitely will be one of our beverage choices!

{Cheesecake bites}

{Yummy cake}
{Red Velvet Cake.. our fav!}
Cheri and Lindsey asked if I wanted to take home some of the food for my parents to try. AKA a doggy bag.. the below is what they brought out to us! A Huge BOX of food! My parents were very happy!
{Our doggie bag}

When the food stopped, I was ready to book! I handed over the deposit check- which had been the most money I have ever spent at one time, which was scary! But I am so happy with our decision and I know The Savory Spoon is the right caterer for us! We felt so comfortable with the staff and so impressed with food, not to mention the extra mile they go for their customers.
Wade and I knew we would have some vegetarians at our wedding and asked about trying the famous butternut squash lasagna.  They did not have any at the time, but Cheri and the team told us they would make us a special tray of the lasagna and leave cooking instructions for us, for us to pick up and heat in the over whenever we wanted. Once again, going the extra mile!
After our tasting, Lindsey and Cheri took Wade and I to the kitchen to check out some of the fancy dinnerware and decor items they had to offer. I was in heaven! They had so many neat items that would go perfectly with my vintage barn wedding theme 🙂 This will save me a bundle!
{Chicken wire in a vintage frame! Perfect for family pics!}
{I can use all of this!}

We dropped off the goodies at my parents house and told them all of the details from the tasting.  Wade said this was his favorite part of wedding planning (who could blame him!) I cannot wait to eat at our wedding!
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  • Claudia Rosenburg Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    My friend is in the process of picking a caterer for her wedding. The town we live in is fairly small so she doesn't have a lot of options. A friend of her's caters and will give her a deal, but she doesn't cook the kind of food my friend is looking for. Would you have gone with a deal or picked the food you really wanted?
    Claudia Rosenburg |

  • Lace and Grace Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at 5:24 pm

    HI Claudia, I would definitely go with what food is good and what you want but what of course is within budget. I struggled with this a bit. We did a barn wedding but I did not want it to feel like a BBQ, causal laid back feel. Many BBQ companies would have catered my event for cheaper and I am sure it would have been tasty but it would have gone against the "feel/image" I was going for. I think there should be a happy medium. I also suggest straying away from doing "business" with friends if you can. If something happens (especially with something as big as a caterer) then it can really hurt/take its toll on a friendship. But that is just me and something I have learned through personal experience the years.

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