The Nutcracker

A highlight of my childhood around Christmas time was seeing the Nutcracker Ballet at the Weinberg center.  My mom would always take me to go see it as a part of my Birthday celebration.  When I turned into a teenager I didn’t want to go anymore and hadn’t gone until this past Saturday.

Wade and I decided to make a night of it and go for drinks and tavern appetizers at Firestone’s downtown before heading to the Weinberg Center for the show.  I got all dolled up in my favorite emerald green maxi dress, {that can be dressed up or down} put in a low-side sock bun and put on some red lipstick.  I was all ready for the ballet! 😉 

Firestone’s was crowded- must of been partly because of the santa parade going on outside, but nonetheless we got a seat! Wade had been wanting to try a mint julep and ordered one. I stuck with my favorite Firestone’s drink- a Greyhound.  
We ordered the mussels in wine sauce w/ truflle fries and crab dip.  Everything was amazing and we had the awesome Colleen Morin as our waitress so it made it even better! We were in a bit of a rush but still managed to enjoy our apps, drinks and the beautiful lights outside on the trees lining the streets.

{Pretty Lights Downtown Frederick}
{My date}
{Mint Julep and Greyhound}
{Sparkly Clutch and Menu}
 {Crab Dip}
 {Truffle Fries}

 We picked up our reserved tickets at the booth and bought a quick drink before finding out seats.  The show was great and just as magical as I remembered!

{Outside the Weinberg Center}
{Waiting for the show to begin}
{Some pre-ballet drinks}

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  • ashleyyyyy Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    1. The mussells look so goooooood
    2. Greyhounds are my drank