My 24th Birthday!

On 12/12/12 (yes all the same digits!) I celebrated my 24th Birthday! It was a wonderful day filled with yummy food and great friends and family.  I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life and truly cherish each and every one of them!

My day started out with beautiful pink flowers from my co-worker Allison.  Some of my PDP friends from work (Beth, Sydney and Jenna) took me out to P.F. Changs for the first time.  (Yes I had never been there before) I LOVED it! I ordered the Chang’s chicken and it came with sweet and sour soup.

Beth made funfetti cupcakes which were yummy. The girls also secretly told the waitress to bring me out a slice of the most amazing cake I have ever had! It was chocolate with some fudge and this caramel frosting.  Talk about yum!
When I got back to the office there was a card waiting for signed by my group.  They are so sweet!
{Pretty Flowers from Allison}
When I got home I opened up my gifts from Wade.  He got me exactly what I wanted! This year we are on a small budget because of saving up for the wedding, but he still managed to make it super special!
He got my cream colored crochet  Tom’s! I wanted them for my comfy reception shoes! {no way in heck am I going to be able to wear heels all night} and gold Kate Spade ‘Mrs” earrings.  Even though I am not a MRS yet.. it still helps to build up the anticipation and excitement.
We then headed downtown to try out the new Bryan Voltaggio restaurant, Family Meal.  The best way I can describe it, is fancy comfort food with a 50’s style setting.
{Outside Family Meal}
We ordered the famous chicken pot pie fritters as an appetizer.  Let me tell you,  they were a party in my mouth!
We each ordered a drink- I ordered a Rum Buck- which had rum, fruit, bitters and ginger beer.  This was so so good and I highly recommend it!
Wade got the Flying Dog Back Yard Ale with Bryan Voltaggio himself on the label.
{Chicken Pot Pie Fritters}
 {Inside yumminess}
 {Backyard Ale}
{Rum Buck}
Next we ordered our meal.  Wade ordered the fried chicken meal with buttermilk biscuits, pickles and hot sauce.  I ordered the Pork Shoulder BBQ sandwich with coleslaw and pickles.  We decided to split a side of  macaroni and cheese with tillamook cheddar and bbq baked beans.
When our food came it looked and smelled amazing. I took one bite of Wade’s chicken and started to freak out because it was so pink.  Although it was very good.  Wade continued to eat, and then decided it was indeed too pink and called over the waitress.  The waitress explained that it was not undercooked and it retains its color because it is brined, lightly fried and then put into the oven.  Wade kept on eating, but I could just not get over it!
My sandwich was very good and fresh, the bun was even impressive! The baked beans were so so. But that Mac and Cheese was GREAT!
I ordered another drink, a Jack N Coke which of course is Whiskey + Coke but they also threw in there some cinnamon, vanilla and bitters.  It was pretty good but very strong, {I am a wimp} and I had to ask the waitress to put more coke in it.
Overall, we’d go again.. if nothing more than for those pot pie fritters!
 {Jack N Coke}
 {Mac & Cheese+ Baked Beans}
{Fried Chicken Dinner}
 {Pork Shoulder Sandwich}
After dinner we stopped by my parents’ house so I could get my goodies from them.  They gave me these fancy ceramic balls with blue patterns on them.  My mother has the same ones in a wooden thing at home and I am obsessed with them.  I am so happy I have my own now!
They also got me another peacock ornament. Our family is obsessed with ornaments, I get one for my birthday almost every year.  Peacock ones have become a usual!
My mother also has a beautiful set of golden glittery birds that I go gaga over each Christmas season, they also bought me very similar ones for my birthday!
{Blue Ceramic Balls}
{Peacock Ornament}
{Cute little gold birdies!}
For my big present, my parents got me a circa 1650 map of a part of Greece called the Peloponnese.  The Peloponnese is the southern part of Greece and also the portion of Greece where my family village of Vasta is! My parents got it framed + matted and also put a special museum glass on it, so it does not fade from sunlight. 
This gift was extremely unexpected and wonderful! I was so surprised and loved it so so much.  Thank you Mom and Dad!
{Circa 1650 Map of Peloponnese, Greece}
 My 24th Birthday was such a wonderful day! 23 was a great year, but I am sure 24 will be even better, each one gets better ;).
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