Favorites of Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! What a wonderful time of year full of joy, family and happiness! Not to mention the time off of work isn’t too shabby either!

What are your plans for the holidays? I am hosting Christmas Eve dinner for my loving family tonight and could not be more excited. 

My awesome cousin David is taking care of the drinks and appetizers and we split the duty of table gifts once again.  It is tradition in my family to have little gifts to give to all who attend Christmas eve dinner.  The host/hosts put the gifts in a basket and sneaks outside to put them on the front door.  He/she then jingles bells to alert the people inside Santa has stopped by!

When I was a kid this was always so magical. I really thought it was Santa stopping by on his long trek around the world to drop off “hold over” gifts for me and my family.  Even though we do not have any little ones who attend Xmas eve dinner, {and haven’t for awhile} we still do this with out fail every year.

Even though I have still have silver to polish, a house to clean and food to cook for tonight, I wanted to take some time to reflect on what about the Christmas season I truly cherish and look forward to each year.

{Last Year’s Christmas Eve- Appetizers}

 Christmas to me means a lot of things but the words that first come to my mind are: 

Cozy fires
Christmas Music
Christmas Movies
Driving around to look at lights
Cooking for the ones you love
& of course….


Here are a few of my favorite of Christmas in no particular order:

1. Breakfast at my parents’ house Christmas Morning- my Mother makes the most wonderful breakfast casserole filled with eggs, bread, sausage and cheeses galore.  It is by far my favorite food for Christmas.  She also makes a wonderful almond pound cake that is irresistible.  Coffee and homemade chocolate chip cookies top everything off.  I cannot wait for tomorrow morning!

2. Laying on the floor next to the fireplace and staring at the tree- I have always loved standing/sitting right next to the fire until my skin can barely stand the heat. However, Wade and I seem to find ourselves doing this many times during the holidays.

3.  Wade’s Peekie- One of Wade’s traditions is to have a peekie under the tree {pine cone bird/owl} The peekie watches you to make sure you do not peek at your gifts! So cute. It reads “I am a peekie, put me under your tree in amongst your packages I’ll be ever watchful.  The peeker I will see and I will remind them to wait until Christmas!!”

4.  Wrapping gifts-  Even though I am horrible at gift wrapping, and it looks as if a little kid wraps each and every one of my gifts for my friends/family.  I love doing it.  I usually have some type of Christmas movie on while I wrap.  {I guess that is why it takes me entirely too long} and I just imagine how excited I am to see the look on their faces! {This year I am super excited to give Wade his gifts!}

5.  Christmas Music:  I love all Christmas Music but there are some I get super excited about when they play such as: 

Basically everything Bing Crosby {It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, I’ll be home for Christmas, The Christmas Song}  

Amy Grant “Grown up Christmas List” {This always reminds me of my mother and I decorating the tree- we always played this CD}, 

Everything Charlie Brown Christmas,  

Mariah Carey “All I want for Christmas is You”, 

Leon Redbone and Zooey Deschanel “Baby its Cold Outside”, 

Michael Buble “Holly Jolly Christmas” 

And of course tons more!

6. Family- even my side is a little dysfunctional at times.  Christmas at my parents’ house with my family is the best feeling.  I love them! We can always count on good food, good conversation and my grandfather drinking too much and saying something ridiculous!  Wade’s family has slowly turned into part of my own, and I love going over to his Grandparents’ house for Christmas dessert {famous red velvet cake!} and celebrating with them as well. Cha Cha- even though she is a dog, I still feel like she gets excited around the Christmas season. Not to mention her Christmas bandanna is pretty cute,

7. Christmas movies-  This year Wade and I have struggled to find good Xmas movies on TV.  I guess we will have to start buying some and can no longer rely on Fox Family.  My favs include- Charlie Brown Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas {Original}, The Santa Clause {Just the first one with Time Allen}, The Christmas Story,  The Polar Express, Home Alone {First one}, A Christmas Carol {Love the mickey mouse one} and all of the claymation Christmas Classics {for some reason I wasn’t into these growing up, but they are Wade’s favorite and have really grown on me}

8. Elf on a Shelf- I never really had an elf on the shelf growing up, but Wade brought this little guy into my heart and I love learning his little stories.

9. Jingle Bells-  This sound is so magical and makes me smile every time I hear them.  I think because our jingle bells are usually on the doors, and when they make their sound it means someone has come to visit!

10.  Downtown Frederick- I don’t know if it is all the old historic homes decorated with garland and wreathes, the beautiful white Christmas lights lining Market street + buildings near Everedy square and Shab row, Christmas window shopping or if it is all of the horse and carriages on the streets- but walking around Downtown Frederick truly makes me in the Christmas spirit.

{Stolen from Facebook}

I hope everyone has a very wonderful and Merry Christmas!
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