Christmas Party/ Birthday Party!

Last Friday (12/14) Wade and I hosted a Christmas Party! It also doubled as my 24th Birthday Party.
It was a blast and I am so happy that all my favorite people were under the same roof!
Wade and I spent the week leading up to the special night party proofing the house and adding more xmas decor to make it feel more festive.
I made a few snacks for the party: Jelly/chili sauce crock pot meatballs, veggies with dip,  cinnamon sugar covered almonds, space shuttle brownies (recipe to come), anti pasta skewers with peperoni, mozzarella, tortellini and olives, and a saga blue cheese wheel with a fruit caramel sauce on top! 
My work friend, Collin brought a plethora of sweets, including festive funfetti cupcakes, reindeer balls {peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate} and stain glass cookies {these non bake cookies with chocolate and marsh mellows= awesome}
Casey brought her famous buffalo dip. It was gone within minutes!
Some of my favorite co-workers made the trek to the party. Jenna, Collin, Ashley S, Ashley P, Vivian, Beth and Neetu came!  How sweet!
Thank you everyone for coming! I hope you all had as much fun as I did!  Here are some pics from the night. Unfortunately most of the boys were downstairs playing beer pong, and I didn’t get pictures of them 🙁
 {College Roomies}
{Me, Jessica, Sara H, Sara C, Amy and Maggie}
{Hailie and I}
{Maggie me and Jessica}
{NG Crew!}
{Sara and I}
[Neetu, Viv, Me and Ashley P}
{Sara and I}
{Lisa, Kayla, Hailie, Kristen, Casey, Maria and I}
{Sara H, Maggie, Me and Jessica}
{NG Crew again}
{Jay, Bianca and Briana}
{Bianca and Sara}
{Brandon, Maddie, Amy and I}
{Brandon and Kristen}
{Amy and Brandon}
{Brandon, Jordan, Amy, Laura, Allie, Ashley}
{Allie and Ashley}
{Love you guys!}
{Briana and Brandon}
{Brandon, Kristen and Kayla}
{Lisa, Nicole and Brandon}
{The lone picture of the basement, Trevor, Shannon, Neil, Stewie and Dan}
{Funny fances with Hailie, Cody, Rachel, Kayla and Lisa}
{Maddie, Jessica, Brandon, Sara, Maggie and Amy}
{Maggie and Sara}
{Allie, Wade, Ashley and Sara}
{Another group shot}
 {Ashley S, Jenna, Viv, Neetu and Ashley P}
 {Ashley and Brandon}
 {Santa and his wives}
 {I love them so much!}
{All of my birthday/hostess goodies! Thank you everyone!}
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