Candlelight House Tour- Downtown Frederick

It is tradition for my parents and I to go on the Candlelight  House Tour hosted by Celebrate Frederick. Each year, the tour opens up about 8 new homes for the public to tour which are decorated in Christmas decor by local florists and shops.  It is only one weekend a year, and we always make a Sunday of it.

House# 1 The Home of Malcome Bohlayer & Gerard Mulcahy
104 Clarke Place
Our first stop was at a huge Queen Anne Victorian home with 18 rooms and 9 fireplaces.  This house was built in 1885 by the clerk of the Circuit Court, Harry Bowers, and also the owners of Bowers Lumber Company.  This house was our favorite and definitely lived up to the hype.  Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos but this house still had many aspects of its original charm.  On the front porch the original gas light fixture and “speaking tubes” which were used to announce the arrival of guests are visible. 
This house was amazingly decorated for Christmas with a PEACOCK tree and about a thousand caroler figurines. Once again this house was our favorite 🙂

House # 2 The Home of Charles & Sharon Riser
2 Clarke Place
What can I saw about this house other than I {along with the rest of Frederick} has been waiting to see this little gem renovated forever.  For 17 years this beautiful Queen Anne Victorian Home stood vacant.  

It was built in 1897 in honor of General James C. Clarke by his daughter. In 2011 it was purchased by the Risers and has 59 windows, 7 fireplaces and much of its original woodwork. The owners have a modern edge when it came to decorating, which was beautiful with the historic charm of the house.  Only the first floor of this house was open to the public but we were allowed to take pictures so it more than made up for it!

House # 3 The Home of William & Rebecca Giller
236 S. Market Street

The third house was a narrow Italian style townhouse built in the 1880’s.  It was filled with treasurers from around the world from the owners’ travels.  The house had beautiful original brick on the wall of the staircase and intricate beehive railing posts.  

House # 4 Tyler Spite House
112 West Church Street

The famous Tyler Spite House was built in 1814 by Dr. John Tyler.  As I learned and wrote about in my Taste of Frederick Food Tour entry, Dr. Tyler built a huge extension to his home to stop the expansion of Record Street from being built right next to his home. The home is up for sale for a cool $1.5 Mil and sports many beautiful crystal chandeliers with 17 rooms and 9 fireplaces.  The first floor has scenes of Frederick on the transoms above the doors in the parlor by artist Virginia McLaughlin.

Since the home is for sale, the home was empty. But for the tour, local shops were able to furnish and decorate the home for us to enjoy.

House # 5 The Home of R. Jerry Coates
111 Council Street

 This home was built in 1936 and is said to be the location of the children’s section of the former Library.  The first floor of the home acts as a residence while the second floor is rented out as office space.  The artwork in this home was beautiful, but the most amazing part was the personal spa in the back room of the home! AMAZING! I could lay in there forever!

 House # 6 The Home of Alan and Debra Murray
132 West 3rd Street

This home was originally one home facing Bentz Street in 1830’s but was split into two homes in the early 1900’s and the address/front door switched to 132 West 3rd Street.  

House # 7 The Home of the Robinson Family
109 College Avenue
This home was front and center to baker park. The owners had little brass tiki torches with Christmas ribbon leading up to the house, which was very inviting.  Inside the house was decked out in Christmas decorations and the owner displayed his collection over over 1,000 miniature toy soldiers.  
House # 8 The Home of David & Angelia Joy
201 East 2nd Street

This brownstone home was built in 1898 by brothers Aaron and Jacob Rosenstock; who owned a men’s clothing store in downtown Frederick. The inside was beautiful decorated and had a very inviting entry way with fireplace! (one of 7!) Crystal Chandeliers also filled almost every room in this house.

Along the way we stopped at City Hall for a restroom break and to grab some free hot chocolate, hot apple cider and cookies!

Photo’s around Downtown Frederick

Lunch at The Lunchbox
My parents and I decided to hit the lunchbox for lunch.  I ordered the Pilgrim which was a yummy sandwich of turkey, orange-cranberry compote, sage cream cheese on seven grain bread.  My parents tried the roast beef sandwich with watercress, pickled red onion, Muenster, green goddess on seven grain bread. 

I liked my first half of my pilgrim sandwich but was over the sweet taste. My mom and I decided to switch our other halves and I got to try the roast beef, which was a wonderful change of flavors.

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