The Wedding Chronicles: Picking a Photographer

Picking the right photographer was one of the most important things in our book when it came to wedding planning.  Pictures are one of the only things that you will have of your wedding.  {besides your memories of course}
I spent a considerable amount of time researching photographers based on social media, recommendations and googling.  I ran across some awesome photographers with amazing work. 
Maryn Lee was one of my favorite photographers and I had been a fan of her page for a while {confession- about a year before we got engaged} and I was heartbroken when after contacting her and finding out she was no longer doing wedding photography in the Frederick area mainly because she moved her business to PA.  Maryn was amazing and sent me a list of photographers she recommended in the area. And so I started my research.  She gave a pretty awesome list and I contacted all of them and asked for their pricing lists and some discussed details with me about my special day.  
-Maryn Lee Photography – {Her work is amazing}
Our venue point of contact was also very helpful and sent me a good list of photographers that had shot at our venue. {Mathwig Estate Event Barn} This was so fun- I could actual see what my wedding photos had the potential to look like! Also, got to see the ways the brides decorated the barn. {perfect for copy catting} So I contacted that list of photographers as well.
I received great feedback from friends on facebook and at work.  My work friend Blaine recommended her friend Susan Lines.  I loved Susan’s work so much and she was easy to get information from and answered all my needed questions quickly and simply.
I was on the edge on who to book, I really loved Susan and her work- but the distance between us  was not opportune.  But then! My friend Jordan Winn {Who owns her own bridal hair and make up business website here} posted a link of a blog post with a Pre-bridal shoot/hair and makeup collaboration by a photographer named Anna Kerns.  Please see blog post here.  I automatically feel in love… like literally! 
I stalked Anna’s blog and business website and got even more excited.  I contacted Anna and she sent me a pricing list.  She had great packages that varied depending on different needs of the couple.  
She invited Wade and I to coffee at the Starbucks on Market Street on a rainy October Tuesday.  Anna brightened up the room with her smile and put on an amazing display.  she brought samples of the different types of products we could choose from and had her ipad proped up with samples of her work playing.  We sipped coffee and talked about out wedding plans that we had thus far. Anna even helped us plan our preliminary timeline! Before we left Anna gave us the prettiest folder with all of the information and pose/wedding day shot list and we awaited an updated detailed proposal. Wade and I were so very impressed with her professionalism but also how comfortable we were with her.  She seemed to obviously know her stuff! 
Once her new proposal came in we had a list of questions which she quickly answered by either adjusting our contract or explaining in more detail so it made sense. 
Not only did Anna provide her proposal, but she provided a detailed vendor recommendation list! This was a great help!
Needless to say we were ready to snag her; she HAD to do our wedding.
Even after we signed the contract Anna remained in contact with me, making sure I was doing okay with planning, dates and ideas for engagement shoots.  
She even told me about the FABNet! Which stands for the Frederick Area Bridal Network.  Basically it is a list of local wedding vendors, that if you book 3, get a special gift from each vendor.  Anna’s gift was super impressive.  {I won’t disclose in case she changes it!- but its great!} 
She keeps her bride’s updated also through facebook- she posted a link/announcement about the Frederick Bridal Expo and I was super excited to go {Post to come}
 {Get to know Anna here– isn’t she adorable!?}
All in all, Anna impresses me more and more each time I interact with her and I cannot wait for our engagement shoot this Spring or for our wedding! Anna moved to Frederick from Georgia and brought with her, her southern charm.   Find Anna’s impressive Photographer website {different than the blog} here
Here is a list of some other photographers I found, or were recommended to me. I liked their work as well!
Spence Photographics-
Maya Pilkington Photography – Met her at Girl’s Night Out Event!
Susan Lines Photography-
Paula  Bartosiewicz Photography-
Mary Kate McKenna Photography-
 Jessica Fike Photography-

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