Nicole’s 25th Birthday!

Last Saturday my great friend Nicole turned 25!  Her sister threw her a surprise birthday party at their house to celebrate! Of course Nicole figured out about the party beforehand, but nonetheless we all had a great time.  There was a yummy snack table with many different types of dips, brownies, etc and a HUGE chocolate cake.  Unfortunately, there was a key involved so I did not get many pictures but my friend Cailtin did manage to snap a few of the crowd, so many of these I will steal from her. 😉 

{The Birthday Girl Blowing out her Candles}
{Nicole, Casey, and Amanda stolen from Casey}
{Notice the heights- Maria, Casey and Dan- stolen from Caitlin}
{Maria, Casey and I-Stolen from Caitlin}
{Casey and Caitlin- Cousins+Roomies!Stolen from Caitlin}

Nicole and I have been friends now for over 5 years now and have an ongoing debate about who is the better child.  The first time I met Nicole was at a gathering in her basement and I saw her last name on a picture on the wall.  I put two and two together and asked her is her father was Bob Van Deusen.  My father worked with and was good friends with a Bob Van Deusen from Frederick.  Turns out it was the same guy and the rest was history! Here are a few of my fav pics of Nicole and I over the years!

{New Years Eve 2009}
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