JoJo’s Taphouse

So Patrick’s and Annie’s Steakhouse came and left.   I managed to not step foot in the building the resturants were in at all.  So I was very happy when The Foodies of Frederick group decided to try out the new resturant that moved into the building, JoJo’s Taphouse on Patrick Street.  I had heard good things about it and couldn’t wait to try it out!
Five of us were able to come out of the group. We got one of the best seats in the house.. right in front of the huge window.  I love to people watch.. even when eating! Becky of Becky Cooks, ordered a coffee stout beer.  It sounded so good I switched my beverage order from a craft Pumpkin Ale, to the coffee stout.   Liza of (a)Musing Foodie and Sarah of Taste of Frederick Food Tours also switched to the Coffee Stout Brew, while Sando of The Daily Deelight ordered a Purple Haze.  I LOVED the Coffee Stout! I highly recommend it.
{Coffee Stout}
We all saw many yummy appetizers to chose from so we decided to get two orders of theDuroc  Pork Belly Tacos {with mango salsa, house guacamole and queso fresco} and an order of the Mushroom and Asparagus Spring Rolls {spinach, vidalia onions, Napa cabbage and teriyaki wasabi}Both were great but the pork belly tacos were WONDERFUL! I want to come back ASAP and get an order of tacos for myself. Perfect Lunch!
{Mushroom and Asparagus Spring Rolls}
{Duroc Pork Belly Tacos}
When it came time to order I went back and forth between the  Braised Short Rib Pie {with carrots, vidalia, celery, peas and mashed potatoes} the Hand Cut Rib Eye Sandwich {prime rib, caramelized Vidalia, and Provolone on toasted garlic bread} but decided on the Four Alarm Burger {Spiked with habanero, lettuce, tomato, pepper jack cheese and cayenne mayo with fries.  Foursquare Recommended it. 🙂
It took a while to get our main dishes but we chatted up a storm about everything from Sarah’s new engagement, to figuring out the deal with sponsorship forms for our blogs {which I had never known about! Pretty cool stuff!}
When I bit into the burger it was delicious.  Soon after I found out why it was called the Four Alarm Burger and drank about 5 glasses of water.  Despite my sensitive tongue, I am still glad I got this dish. I loved the cayenne mayo and the fries were the perfect amount of soft and crispy.
{Four Alarm Burger}

I will definetly be coming back to get those Tacos and to try more of their delicious beer! You can find JoJo’s Taphouse Menu.  {here}

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