Last Saturday marked the 3rd annual Girlsgiving at my house.  Every year, my one group of girlfriends cook up a storm of thanksgiving favorites and come together to eat, laugh and drink!
As you can probably tell.  I love hosting and love breaking out the china and making things fancy for the occasion.  And of course, it would not be Girlsgiving without our hand painted  wine glasses! All of us girls {and Wade} wait ALL year for this special time together.
Wade was sure to split wood so we could have a raging fire all night long.
This year, Wade and I were in charge of the Pies and Mashed Potatoes. {Blog to come} Hailie brought her family stuffing, apples and brie.  Lisa- her fabulous pumpkin mac and cheese, brandy+ eggnog and veggies and dip to munch on while some of us cooked.  Casey was extra giving and brought a wonderful green bean casserole, sweet potatoes and a homemade Sangria.  Kristen made homemade hard cider with cinnamon sticks, apples and cranberries that made the whole house smell amazing!
{Table is all set for my girls!}
{Freshly cut wood}
{The beverage station}
{Cha is ready!}
{Yummy Brie, Smoked Gouda w/ bacon & White Stilton w/ Cranberries}
 {Veggies and dip}
{Cinnamon Almonds, Wheat Baguette, Grapes and Salami}
{Cozy Fire}
A lot of us had already prepared our dishes, but still had to heat them up.  Hailie prepared her famous family stuffing,  Once again the smells in my house were phenomenal.
After we were done snacking on appetizers and cooking it was time to eat! We all gather around the table and said grace before digging in.  And of course I found the time to take a few pictures.
{Hailie and helper Lisa cookin’ the stuffing}
{Maria and I}
{Hailie and Kristen}
{Lisa and Casey getting some hard cider}
{Hanging out in the kitchen}
{Shiner Cheer tastes just like Christmas}
 {The cider is beautiful- stolen from Kristen}
 {Close up}
{Green Bean Casserole and Pumpkin Mac and Cheese}
{Yummy Ham, Stuffing and Mashed Potatoes}
{The girls and Wade}
{The girls!}
{Baby Dyl at the Girlsgiving table- Stolen from Kristen}
{My plate-before I realized I forgot the Sweet Potatoes!}
After dinner we all were stuffed.  The girls helped me clean up and we sat in the living room and relaxed.  Somehow we ended up watching Scary Movie 2.  I found a bottle of champagne for us to sip on before it was Pie Time!
{Kristen’s Hard Cider Glass by the fire- Stolen from Kristen}
{Bubbly + Cranberries}
 {Pumpkin Pie}
{Apple Pie}
We were completely stuffed again. And decided to play paper head.  The game where you write a famous person down on a piece of paper, pass it face down to the person next to you and they lick the paper and stick it to their forehead.  It is fun guessing your person, and we got a little too into it.  At this point Lisa broke out her eggnog and brandy- it really feels like the holidays when eggnog is involved! One by one almost all of use fell asleep on the couch/floor/arm chair.
 {Brandy + Eggnog}

I had such a wonderful time at Girlsgiving! Thank you girls for making it yet another success and I can’t wait until our Christmas exchange and the next Girlsgiving!

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