Casey’s Halloween Party

Casey was awesome and hosted a Halloween party at her house the Saturday before Halloween. (Her cousin Caitlin recently moved in and also was an amazing decorator, cook and host as well!) She totally decked out her house, had party favors and had delicious festive food!     
Wade and I decided to be Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth for Halloween.  I think Wade’s Costumer turned out awesome! Mine was okay, but I was happy I didn’t have to spend a lot of money or time in making my costume.
 {Dog and Beth}
When we walked into Casey’s House it felt like a real Halloween party.  As Wade says, how Tim Taylor on Home Improvement does Halloween Parties! 
The bulbs in the living room were replaces with black lights, fake webbing, purples, blacks and oranges were all over the place.  Casey was so sweet and got us all sparkly Halloween colored coozies.
{Creep living room}
 {Party favors!}
 {Creepy going down into the basement}
The food spread was amazing, they made  hotdog mummies, pumpkin dip, cheese dip, meat balls, a cheese ball that looked like a pumpkin, veggies and a ton of other stuff.  My favorite was the hand ice block in the yummy green punch and the gummy works frozen in the ice cubes. 
 {Gummy ice!}
 {Green punch with ice hand}
 {Cheese ball to look like a pumpkin}
 {Ginger snaps and pumpkin dip}
 {Hot Dog Mummies!}
 {Yummy dips, meatballs and cupcakes}
{Some of the table spread}
When I was walking down the steps to the basement, I was freaked out by these changing pictures Casey had on display.  When you look at them one way the person looks normal, but wen you move to slightly a different angle its turns into something scary.
 {Picture Displays}
{Decorated Bar in the Basement}
Of course the best part was my friends and their costumes! They always come up with such unique ideas! Casey and Dan were Lucy and Charlie Brown, Dan’s bald cap with the little squiggle for hair was hilarious.  Hailie was 50 Shades of Grey, Kristen  an 80s misfit, Lisa  the Absinthe fairy and Rachel was Amy Winehouse.  The winners of the night were Jesye and Martin.  Jesye is 8 months pregnant and was Wilson the volley ball from Cast Away; Martin was Tom Hanks.  It was amazing.  Jesye’s belly was so cute!
 {Lisa and Rachel}
 {Casey and Dan}
 {Some of the crew}
{Jesye and Martin}
Thank you Casey and Caitlin, for the great food, and fun! What a great party!

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