Allie’s 24th Baltimore Birthday

Last Saturday the Virginia Tech crew met up in Baltimore to celebrate Allie’s 24th Birthday!  A bunch of us decided to get a hotel right near Power Plant where we were going out to make things less complicated.. and safer 🙂
Wade and I got to the hotel around 6:30 and we were so excited to get the party started!Ashley, Ryan, Michael, Allie and Laura were already in the the hotel room.
 {Allie and Ryan}
{The Birthday Girl! and her marvelous sparkly dress}
 {Ashley and Michael} 
{Me, Ashley, Allie and Laura}
We all drank some drinks and listened to music while we waited for Dan Phan and his buddy from work.  We then walked to Mex restaurant in power plant for din din; where we met up with Andrea and her boyfriend DJ.
 {Pretty fountain}
{Power Plant Live!}
A bunch of us decided to get the huge jumbo margeritas to remind us of El Rod’s at Virginia Tech. Our friend from high school, Jeremy and our VT buddy, Scott showed up and we all ordered our food.  Wade and I ordered the fajitas; which took an insane amount of time.  By the time we got our food, everyone else was done eating! I was so starving I didn’t take a picture of the food.  Such a shocker!
{Wade and the Marg}
{3 roomies-one marg}
{Dan and DJ}
 {Some of the Table}
{Birthday Girl and her Drank!}
After Wade and I finished our jumbo marg, I ordered a Modelo.  We all paid our bills and headed to the dancing area.  Laura and Allie almost instantaneously jumped onto the stage and onto the pole.
{Work it girls!}
{Michael, Ashley and Ryan}
{Roomie Love!}
{My Love}

A little later we decided to head across the way to Luckie’s Tavern. We were super excited when the hostess gave Allie a free drink wrist band and our whole party 1/2 off wristbands.  We spent the rest of the night dancing ridiculously and having a blast just like the good old days.  The songs played here were awesome.  We took a cab home and slept at the hotel.  Of course my time with them was too short.  I cannot wait for us to get together again.

 {DJ getting a body shot}

 {Andrea and DJ}

{Scott dancing to Gangnam Style}
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  • Andréa Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    ohhh love these pictures!!!