The Wedding Chronicles: Picking a Date

After we found the church and reception venue we liked it, was time to figure out when the big day would  be.  This is easier said than done.  We had decided on a late spring/early summer wedding.  As I said before this spring was way way too close to plan a wedding. So we decided to go with May 2014.  
Now to figure out the actual day.  We knew we didn’t want to do memorial day weekend (weekend of the 24th) or Mother’s Day weekend (weekend of the 10th).  I also had to take into account the fact that many of my best friends have younger siblings graduating college that year.  So the 17th was out of the question as well. {Yes I googled the graduation dates of each of the schools my friends’ siblings attend}
So if we wanted to do May that left May 3rd and May 31st.  We originally went with May 3rd thinking back to how hot the end of May was last year; BUT when I thought to call a florist and see when my flowers were in season/if costs were different between the 3rd and 31st, the florist had said that flowers would be more expensive on the 3rd.  This was due to the Mother’s Day rush and the flowers for the wedding more than likely needing to be ordered elsewhere and brought into the florist.
So May 31st it is! I also looked at the Farmer’s Almanac {Yes… I really did} and historically the beginning of May had more rain than the end of May and also was a little chilly at night.  Considering our guests won’t be reaching the cocktail hour until 5:30-6 we decided even if it is hot that day it would cool down by the time they were forced outside for our reception.
Now I can buy cute things that say our wedding date on them! 
Like This:

May 31st 2014 is going to be the best day ever!

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  • ashleyyyyy Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    lets pintrest when i visit!