Renfrew Pumpkin Festival + Bonefish Grill

 Renfrew Pumpkin Festival

Lisa, Rachel and I went to a pumpkin festival in Waynesboro, PA at the Renfrew Muesum and Park on Saturday.  Lisa not only drove us all, but brought amazing snacks for the long drive.  Snacks included: homemade pumpkin bars, sweet and salty chex mix and a travel mug full of hot whiskey and apple cider.  Needless to say, I was in heaven.  Lisa is adorable.
{Snacks for the Road}
We pulled in and there were tons of parked cars.  They had parking people but they were really not doing their jobs and would barely get out of the way to let our car go through because they wouldn’t have been able to talk to one another.  We despised them. We walked through a cute little forested park with a creek and it opened up in front of this beautiufl barn and old mansion.  To greet us was a lady dressed as a pumpkin giving out stickers and lollipops.  She was a gem and really brightened our day.
{My obsession with barns continues..}   

{Such a pretty day}
{Walking into the fest}
We immediately picked out our pumpkins before all the good ones were taken.  I was kind of sad there wasn’t a pumpkin patch for me pick my own, but this will do. Next we paid for the pumpkins which I could barely hold. {I got Wade one as well}  The man at the cash register was nice enough to let us keep our pumpkins at the check out table while we frolicked around.
After pumpkins we made a B line for the food.  With our $8 admission we got a little country lunch to enjoy.  When we walked to the line 3 people cut in front of us, guess who it was.  They darn parking people.  {rolls eyes} 
There was a plethora of breads to choose from, I chose rye.  The was the zucchini, pumpkin and rasin bread for dessert was next.  Then we got our choice of sliced or whole apples, I chose sliced.
Huge jugs of cold and warm cider was next and at the very end of the line was 2 huge cauldrons of soup over little fires.  Bean + Ham and homemade veggie were our choices; I chose ham and bean.
On the way to the table a gust of wind came and almost knocked my yellow tray out of my hands causing me to spill half my soup.  I went back and begged for more and they looked at me like I was crazy, it was all you can eat. {I didn’t have to beg}
{Not exactly a pumpkin patch but it will do}
{“Our yellow tray special”}
We sat at the table for a bit and I decided to wander around the open field near where we were sitting.  I think I took some pretty good pictures.  It was such a beautiful day!
{Love the leaves changing colors!}
{Walking around the field near the pumpkin festival}
After eating, we decided to try and make a scarecrow.  They had a pile of clothes you could use and tons of hay and newspaper.  We started digging through the clothing boxes.. they only had jeans.  I was very sad about this and we moved on to another activity… Indian Corn Necklaces!

We schooched  in at the craft table amongst the kids and started threading some corn pebbles.  The corn bits were soaked in water to make it easier to put a needle through them. It was still very hard to do.  It was amazing how long we stood there in silence making our Indian corn necklaces. I could not count on one hand the number of times I pricked myself with that darn needle and almost screamed profanities in front of the kids.

The fest also had an awesome blue grass band that was fun to listen to.

{Making Indian Corn Necklaces}
{Blue Grass Band}
{Rachel and Lisa with their corn necklaces}

After corn necklaces we decided to head back home.  We saw picture board cutouts for us to put our faces in. One the way back I could barely hold my pumpkin so I had to carry it on my head…I had such a great time and cannot wait to carve my pumpkin!
{Carrying our heavy pumpkins back to the car}
{Group pose!}
{Lisa the Scarecrow and Rachel the Pumpkin}
{My turn!}

 {Bye bye pretty barn}

 {The old mansion}

 {Pretty trees}
{That pumpkin was way too heavy to carry normally}
{Pretty creek}
On the way home we stopped by this little store we saw on the way in; Cool Old Stuff. It was pretty cool and I saw tons of things I liked.
 {From Cool Old Stuff’s Facebook Page}

Bonefish Grill

Wade’s Grandparents gave us a gift card to celebrate our engagement.  We though Saturday night would be the perfect night to use it.  We love Bonefish, it is one of the few chain restaurants that we visit time and time again.
When we showed up we knew there was going to be a wait.  It was 6:30pm on a Saturday night.  We have a 40 minute wait so we stood at the bar and ordered some beers and glanced at the menu.  I was hoping to try something new this time! I always get the tiliapia.
{Frederick Bonefish- Stolen from Google Images}
{Blue Moon at the bar}

Our cups got empty so we decided to order another drink, I a vodka and fresca.  It was strong but delicious.  Some people left the bar stools for their real tables and we took them.
A few minutes later our buzzer went off and we were seated. YAY!
By this time we were pretty hungry and ordered our usual bang bang shrimp.  I swear I will make the bang bang sauce one day.  I have found the recipe all over pinterest. I love it eating bang bang shrimp with Wade, he is very courteous and doesn’t hog it all 🙂 he also uses chop sticks… I hate it when people use forks to eat it.
We also gobbled down the free bread.
{Bang Bang Shrimp!}
I was pretty full by the time our food came out.  I ended up ordering the same old thing: The Tilapia with Potatoes Au Gratin.  I took one bite of my fish and it turned out to the be the stuffed tilipia! {stuffed with crab and shrimp! yum!}  not the plain jane fish I ordered.  I was very happy because I was contemplating ordering the stuffed version but it was kind of pricey, but also worried I would be charged.  
I flagged down the waiter and he talked to the manager and they worked to get the difference taken off of our check.
I also ordered a glass of red wine which was delish.
{Stuffed Tilapia + Potatoes Au Gratin+Ginger Carrots}
By the end of the night we were stuffed. I saw one of my friend I hadn’t seen in forever who also recently got engaged, Tiffany.  Her ring was gorgeous and it was great seeing her and meeting her fiance! 
After dinner even though we were stuffed and tired we stopped by Nicole and Kim’s parents house where the usual gang was watching TV.  Always a great time with them! Thanks for having us!
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