Pop Pop’s 90th Birthday Bash!!

On Thursday my Pop Pop turned 90 years old! On Sunday my family threw a big bash for him.  My parents cooked a feast of food that could feed a small country. The coolers were filled with plenty of beer and wine.  My Mom made her famous crab dip for an appetizer along with various cheeses, crackers and grapes.
{Beverage tub}
{The underneath ready for party time}

My Mom made a little shrine table for Pop Pop of old pictures of him and the family, along with some knick knacks and memorabilia. I was obsessed with it.  Wasn’t Pop Pop sooo handsome? Well still is, but what a hunk!

Great Uncle Dick, and his sons flew in from Arizona to be at the party.  I had not seen Uncle Dick in over ten years so it was nice to see him.  Bunny and Leah came with Kallie the doggie; Cha Cha tried to attack Kallie and put a damper on the party for a few mintues.  Needless to say Cha Cha was put in the bedroom the rest of the day.
Evanthia and Stavroula came too, it was great because they had not seen the family in a very long time. (outside of my Mother and I) They brought an amazing Greek Appetizer to share.

The Shiflers, Mike, Beth, Alex and baby Jackson came too.  Baby Jackson is the cutest.

Of course the usual Christmas Crew was there; cousin Jimmy, Laura, David, Daniel, Aunt Cindy, Linda, Mommy, Daddy, Wade, Grandma and of course the birthday boy.

{Pop Pop’s Shrine}

{Great Uncle Dick}
{Beth and baby Jackson}
 {Jimmy and Laura}

I almost was jumping up and down when my Mom said lunch was ready.  She is an amazing cook and made a huge feast of homemade bakes beans, strawberry poppy seed salad, potato salad and we got fresh country ham and beef to make sandwiches.  So good!

{The spread}
{Strawberry Poppy Seed Salad}

{The dining room crew}
 {David, Daniel and Mike}
After eating and chatting for a while it was time for the cake.  Pop Pop was kidding around saying he was “oh nine” instead of “nine oh” So we decided to switch his candles to say he was  “09.”

We all sang happy birthday and pop pop blew out his candles after singling the funny park of the bday song (you look like a monkey and you smell like one too… which he repeated about 20 times)

{Birthday Cake}
{Pop Pop blowing out his candles}

We all had a great time celebrating a great man! I love you Pop Pop!

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