Jesye’s Baby Shower

Sunday was the long awaited Baby Shower in honor of the wonderful Jesye Havrilla.  The shower was held at Jesye’s parent in law’s house; a place I have had the joy of barging into/hanging out in for the passed 12+ years.  My best friend Sara, Laura {Jesye’s husband’s little sisters} and Mrs. Havrilla; threw such an amazing french themed shower, filled with yummy food, cute decor and fun games! 

Wade came along and all the men watched TV outside on the porch bundled up with beer in the freezing rain.  They did not want to be around all the estrogen.

{The spread}
{Eiffel Tower Cupcakes}
{baguette+various cheeses+meat}
{Drink station+purple cups}
{chips and dip}

 {Some of the presents}
 {Luna decorations}

{French Theme}

After we were done snacking it was time for games! First game was ‘guess the poo.’ Different types of candy bars are melted and put inside of diapers and given a number.  It is our job to open the dirty diaper and sniff the ‘poo’ and determine what type of chocolate candy bar it is. It was a little disturbing but very funny to watch.  I thought I had done a great job in guessing, but I failed miserably and got over half wrong. Oh well.  Next we had to guess the phase of the moon that baby Luna would be born on. 
{Guessing the pooooo}
{Some of the gang}

{the diapers}
{playing games}

 {I fail}

Next it was present time! Jesye got some really awesome stuff including homemade curtains and a rocking chair cushion for baby Luna’s room. I bought her this pretty cool safari gym thingy which I wish I could play with.  Oh to by young again.  Jesye’s sister Magie was unable to come but was able to facetime chat for some of the present opening.  

Of course we made Jesye stick to tradition and made her a hat made from all of her present ribbons.  She looked lovely.  Maria was being too gentle and the hat kept falling off of Jesye’s head; so Hailie took care of it and forced it to stay. 

Laura got Jesye a glow worm which I which they allowed me to play with.  I missed that toy from when I was younger. Coolest thing ever!

Lisa, being the artist that she is, made Jesye a homemade card which was AMAZING.  I wish I would have taken a picture of it. Absolutely beautiful.
{Opening gifts}
{Gentle Maria putting on the hat}
{Jesye and her gift ribbon hat}
{One of my favorite childhood toys-the glow worm}

After opening presents we hung out and chatted for a bit.  The Havrilla’s gave us the coolest party favors; a bag of candy with nail polish and a little pumpkin with a flower planted inside of it.  They gave me two of them so now I have one on my window ledge in my kitchen and on my desk at work.

Thank you to Jesye and the rest of the Havrilla’s for having us!  We had such a wonderful time! Congrats Jesye and I cannot wait to meet baby Luna!
{The cutest favors- flowers in little pumpkins, nail polish and candy}
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