Frederick Oktoberfest

On Saturday Wade and I headed to the Fair Grounds for Frederick’s Oktoberfest.  It was such a nice crisp day for it.  While parking we ran into Cate and we all walked in together.  Jessica and Willie and Lisa and Alex were meeting us there.
 It was $5 to get in and  $10 bucks for the Oktoberfest 25 oz souvenir stine with $7 refills.  All profits went to benefit local charities. Wade was sad he left his stine from a previous Oktoberfest at home; turns out you could bring one from a previous year and use.
We headed straight for the beer vendors inside the main building for some brews; people were all dressed in authentic German dress and dancing around.  Wade and I got the Brewer’s Alley Oktoberfest.  The mug was so heavy I had to walk around holding it with two hands.
We headed for the ‘big white tent’ and saw Bill, RJ and company and sat and chatted with them for a while.
I spotted Jessica and Willie so we tagged along with them for a bit.We walked around and checked out some of the vendors.  
{Me and Jessica}
 {Willie and Jessica}
I saw Lisa and Alex in the crowd.  I was so happy they were here.  Wade, Cate and I bought food outside.  I went back and forth between ordering the bratwurst of the smoke sausage.  I opted for the smoked sausage.  We went inside to sit down and congregated back with Lisa and Alex.  Alex bought a huge bucket of beer. It was insane.  In the end since the bucket did not have a handle he placed his beer bucket in the peanut shell container and carried it around with him.
{German Smoked Sausage+fixins}
{Alex’s Tub of Beer}
{Glorious Tokens}
{Oktoberfest Program}
{Stolen from Jen Cecchetti}
The rest of the daylight time was spent walking around and exploring the wonderful Germanish stuff Oktoberfest had to offer.  There was a wood carver demo which Jessica and I were intrigued by; this guy made the coolest wooden pumpkin ever.
{Being weirdos}
{Oktoberfest Crowd Candid}
{Wade and Willie}
{Awesome pumpkin wooden carving}
{Wood carver}
{Lisa and Wade}
{Me and Lisa}
When night fell, our friends left.  Wade and I still had beer left so we wondered around people watching.  We then sat on a bench and stared at the pretty moon and kept each other warm.  What a fun event! Cannot wait until next year!  And we better remember to bring our drinking mug with us next time!
{The smell of the strudel was amazing}
{My Mug}
{The band}
{Perfect Halloween Moon}

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