Fall Fun List

Fall is in full swing.  I cannot believe it is almost Halloween! I am the type who cannot decide on her favorite season.  But there is something about Fall that brings fun, beauty, coziness and fullfillment each year.
Here is a list of things I am looking forward to this fall:
1. The leaves changing. 
{The best place to see the leaves change- Virginia Tech}
2. Everything pumpkin! {Candles, Coffee, Goodies!}
{First thing on my list of fall baking- Pumpkin spice donuts!}
3. Girlsgiving- It is tradition for a group of my girlfriends {an occasionally some very lucky men} to get together the Saturday before thanksgiving and cook a feast together at my house.  Having everyone together; cooking, eating, drinking and laughing together is the best feeling.  We always bring plenty of food and probably too many booze.  Kristen makes the mulled cider/wine which is always a hit.  A fire is always in the fireplace. Such a fun time! Not to mention this is when we pick our secret santas for our Christmas swap!
{Girlsgiving -2011saying grace}
{Girlsgiving table cards this year?}
4. Halloween-Who could not be excited about Halloween? The one time of year you can dress up as anyone/anything you want, eats tons of candy and watch cheesy scary movies and it is completely ok! Wade and I buy tons of candy every year in anticipation for some trick or treaters but we never get any. 🙁 This year our costumes are up in the air but I think the one we are banking on will be a hit! 
{Lisa and Hailie}
{Maria and I}
5. Pumpkin!!!- Pumpkins are so awesome. We need to decide ASAP how we are carving ours this year.  I hope the pumpkin bowling idea happens at a Halloween party I attend!
{Last Year’s Pumpkin}
{How fun would this be!?}
{Using the stems as noses}
{Pumpkins with carrot noses}
6. Warm Heart Soups- Ahh soup!  you cannot deny the a nice warm bowl of soup on a crisp chilly fall day right!? I cannot wait to break out the crock pot and make tons of soups and stews.
{These soups look so amazing}

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