The Great Frederick Fair

The Great Frederick Fair is one of my favorite events in Frederick.  Full of food, fun and cute animals.  Wade and I go every year for a day date.  We headed to the fair the first Saturday it was open and it was the most beautiful day ever!

{Cute Horse, Pig and Chicken foot prints}

We headed to the dairy and beef cattle houses first.  I have a soft spot for cows. I think it is because they remind me of dogs. 🙂

{Little calf curled up in a ball}
{Cattle Barn}

Next we headed to the produce barn to look at all the jumbo fruits and veggies.

{Grapes and Plums}
{Making puzzle pieces}
{Hot Peppers}
{shedding the corn}
{Love fall!}
{Local beer and wine}
Next we headed to the poultry and rabbit building.  I used to have bunnies.  They are the best. I always feel bad for the rabbits, why do they put them in with the loudest animals known to man, chickens.  Their poor little ears!

 {Froto Feet}

{Crazy Hair}
{Bunny time!}
{Floppy ears}
{Little chicks!}

Next off to the goat building.  The goats were very interactive with us.  

{This guy loved Wade}
{Love your colors little one}
{Look how the brown one in the back is laying his head on the other.. so cute}

Next was the pig building.  Probably one of the most glorious buildings of all.  I would come to the fair to see the little piglets alone!
{OMG.. I DIE! So adorable}
{Lone solider}
{Reminds me of the old couple in the bed in Titanic}
{Giant Hogs}
{Hello there}
And then…. sheep! All of the workers were sheering, washing and dressing the sheep to be show.  The little coats they put on them this year were so colorful.  I like.
 {Not liking it one bit}

 {Over it}
{All clean and ready to be shown}
{Diggin’ the zebra print}
 {KKK sheep?}
 {Neon green!}
 {My fav- Tie Dye!}

Before heading to Hemp’s meats to get dinner we stopped in at the Discovery Tent. As well as walked around to the commercial buildings to grab some free highlights and coozies.  I love free stuff.
{Little sheepy} 
I was super happy when there wasn’t a line at Hemps.  Wade and I ordered the Ham+Pit Beef Sandwiches, Coleslae and Fries.  It was so so good.  
{Ham+Beef Sandwich, Coleslaw, Fries}

{Taken from}
We walked around the carnival area, and decided not to waste money and ride rides.  Maybe next year. What a lovely day date 🙂
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