Labor Day Weekend Fun

Labor Day weekend was full of fun times with family and friends and a full day of rest.

Friday night I got home pretty late from work.  Therefore Wade and I only had time to clean up the house and go grocery shopping before it was time for bed.


Saturday We had a little cookout with some friends on our deck to soak in the last few days of Summer.  Wade manned the grill of course and cooked burgers and hot dogs. I tried a new boxed pasta salad made with olive oil and pesto {very good} and cooked some baked beans.  

Gene was the first to arrive and brought lots of chips. Wade and my weakness. Kristen and Baby Dyl came over next with some fruit.  We filled up the baby swimming pool for Dyl to play in.  She was so adorable.

Maria, Maggie {bringing veggies and dip!} Amy and Justin came soon after and we all feasted and chatted. 

Maggie painted Dyl’s finger nails which did not exactly dry on her fingers.  She seemed to love Justin and went to flirt/show him her pretty nails.  It was the cutest thing. Soon the sunset and I brought out about every candle in the house to light. {In the morning wax was everywhere} The ambiance on the deck was very romantic.  Probably too romantic for our group. After nightfall, Joshy Poo came over to get in on the fun.

{Dyl Playing with Cha Cha inside}
 {Making use of my outdoor beverage tub}
 {Dyl playing in the kiddy pool!}
{Maggie Painting Dyl’s nails}
{The food spread}
{Deck cookout}
{Dyl flirting with Justin}
{Candlelight drinking}


On Sunday we woke up at a decent hour to head to Polecat for a cookout in Clear Spring, MD.  {long story short: My Grandpa and his twin bro (along with others) started a hunting club with thousands of acres in the mountains in Clear Spring, MD.  When I was little he would take me up to Polecat and I have some of the fondest memories from my childhood from there.  Every year the members have an annual picnic and it is awesome} Polecat is a name for an animal in the weasel family. Polecat’s {the hunting club} mascot is a skunk. Hehe.

I was so excited for the food. These men can cook.  The grilled chicken was fresh and amazing.  There is something about the chicken that I have never had anywhere else.  Last year wade ate literally a whole chicken. Not joking.  This year he practiced some restraint and only ate half of one.

My cousin Mike was in charge of making the baked beans {and of course a million other things} and let me tell you those bakes beans are out of this world. The secret Shifler recipe.  One day I will get it out of him.  

Of course there were other things; amazing roast beef sandwiches, cheese, potatoe salad and veggies.  And of course TONS of beer.

Pop Pop had a great time and had a few Budweisers. It was nice having some of the family together.

During the cookout they had a raffle for various items.  After lunch all the men gathered for a shooting contest.  We could only stay for part of the contest, but when I left my cousin Ryan was kickin’ butt!

{Exploring around the cabin}
{Front view of the cabin+ new upgrades!}
{Yummy food at Polecat}
{Grandma, Pop Pop and David}
{Mommy and Grandma}

{Some of the men shooting}

We headed home to take out Cha Cha and to grab my spinach dip I had made for Matt’s Pig Roast Party. Recipe found in this blog entry {here}

When we got to Matt’s house there were tons of people there.  Wade and I made a B line down to the Pig tent.  The smell was amazing with the bonfire going and the pig on the smokers.  Since it was done cooking they had pulled the meat apart and added some sauces to parts of the meat.  We grabbed some meat to try and it was delicious.  Nothing gets better than that!

We went back up to the house to get a plate.  Because I had eaten so much at Polecat I could only stomach some pig {with special carolina vinegar sauce!}, my spinach dip, some other types of dips {buffalo & taco} and of course a chocolate chip brownie.  Everything was amazing.

{Pig tent+bonfire}

{Bella near the pig of course}
{I love you Pig!}
 {Plate of food}
It was so humid outside that Wade and I decided to go home for a bit, shower and take naps.  That turned into me not wanting to frolic in public again and Wade going back to have fun with the guys.  One of my Besties, Lisa came over with wine and left over cupcakes.  We spent the hours telling stories, drinking wine and watching ‘Awkward’ on TV.  It was great.

Thank you Polecat crew and Matt +Family for all your hard work and for having us!

Monday- Labor Day

Labor day literally consisted of NOTHINGNESS.  The most Wade and I did was go pick up Wade’s car from Matt’s house and take Cha Cha for a little walk.  We were worthless.  It was so nice though to not do anything and just lay around for HOURS.

We ended up making a comfy bed of blankets and pillows on the living room floor {Everyone should try this- it is one of my favorite things} and watching “Where the Wild Things Are.” We decided to cut up some sweet potatoes and drizzle it with some olive oil and salt and pepper for a snack. {put in the oven at 400 degrees for about 30 mins- and flip every 10 mins.} YUM!
{My view from the floor ALL DAY LONG}
{Wade cutting up the sweet potato fries}
We did decide we needed to eat and cooked the leftover hamburgers.  We had forgotten to grill the corn we had bought for Saturday’s cookout so I whipped together a nice little mixture to put on the corn.  I heated up some butter, lemon juice, salt+pepper and chopped up a bunch of cilantro and brushed it on the corn before grilling it bare on the grill for a few minutes {with turning it} When it was done, before eating, I brushed a little more of the stuff on the corn.  It was so delish.  We ate out on the deck and it was great.
{My grillin man}
{Meat on the grill}
{Stacks and Stacks of cilantro buttered corn}
{Grillin the corn}
{Labor Day dinner}
{What a beautiful day}
 {I love our yard}
 {Cha just chillin on the deck while Daddy grills}

Bedtime came early and we were sad to go back to work. 🙁 In other news- Some of my Virginia Tech friends (Ryan and Ashley) are coming up this weekend from Richmond (Allie from Towson) to hang and go to ‘In The Streets’ It should be a great time.  

On Tuesday I graduated from my work 2+ year rotation program.  We had a lunch and I recieved my “graduation’ trophy thingy.  Now I am permanently placed, and now even more in the real world than I already was.  It is nice to have some consistency and not rotate to a new job/group every 8 months, but I will miss it! I met some great people and had some awesome opportunities in the program.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend!

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