In the Streets + Greek Festival

This weekend was tons of fun.  Some of my friends from Virginia Tech came up from Richmond {Ashley, Ryan, Michael} and from Towson {Allie} to visit and hang out ‘In the Streets.’  I hadn’t seen them in soooo long and I was overcome with joy when they came Saturday morning. My friend Maria, Kristen and Lisa told me about this new wine shop downtown called ‘Viniferous’ that was having an event for In the Streets; “Shindig in the Alley.” I had to buy tickets ahead of time but you got to choose a Craft Beer (bomber size)+BBQ plate option for $15 or a bottle of wine+BBQ plate for $20.  Everyone got the craft beer option except for me.  Every ticket included free Sangria! This was going to be fun!

We found parking fairly easily {which of course I was worried about} near Baker Park and walked to Market Street where all the festivities were.

In the Streets is a huge thing in Frederick.  Local vendors have stands all along the main street of downtown.  Everything from eye doctors to humane societies. {with doggies to pet!}  Bottom line is there are always free stuff; highlighters, candy, bottle openers. Then of course you have the local shops that have little tents outside of their shops selling stuff.  Velvet Lounge had a little tent set up selling some jewelry. Ashley was intrigues so she went in and saw some stuff that she later bought.

We stopped in at Viniferous to start the fun but they were not ready for us, so we explored and went to look at all the vendors.

After walking around for a bit we decided to go sit down and have a drink at the Green Turtle patio. Along came Key-ote the Frederick Keys’ Baseball mascot.  He posed with Ashley.

A lady with a little kitty poking out of her jacket also walked by and of course Ashley was in love and held it.  I am not a cat person, but I must admit he was a cutie.

{Walking through Baker Park}

{Ashley and Key-ote}
{first drinks of the day at Green Turtle}
{Ashley had to hold the cat}
{Allie, Me and Ashley}
From Green Turtle we walked along Carroll Creek.  The sky was turning super dark so we moved quickly so we wouldn’t get rained on. 

There was a fancy dog treat tent and of course Ashley bought some for Gus.  As we were walking away from the tent, Michael says; “Is it me or did those not look very good?” All of us responded, “Michael they are dog treats!” I guess that means the dog treats were super believable. LOL.

{Carroll Creek}
{Carroll Creek before the downpour}
{Fancy dog treats}
{Pretty lily pads in the creek}
{The Crew on the Carroll Creek Bridge}

When our nerves became completely intolerable from how dark it was turning we decided to head back to Viniferous to take cover.

When we arrived; Lisa, Maria, Kristen and her new boyfriend, Rob, were there.  This was my first time meeting Rob and I loved him.

We were very impressed with the Viniferous.  Almost as soon as we walked in the door we were handed a big cup of white sangria which was delicious. We then got to pick our bottle of wine/craft beer bombers, which then went into the chiller to cool.

While our beverages cooled, we all sat down outside underneath a waterproof tarp and ate.  Luke, the owners son, was a great host and served us all our plates of Pork BBQ sandwiches and cole slaw.  It had just begun to rain as soon as we started to eat but we were safe.

The owner brought out my chilled bottle of wine for me to sip on.
{In The Streets}
{Viniferous Wine Shop!!}
{Wine Lover}
{Friends picking out their craft beers}
{Lisa, Kristen and I posing around grandma AKA Maria}
{Yummy pork BBQ sammie + Coleslaw}
{My wine selection}
{Ryan and Michael}
{Allie and Ashley}

As soon as everyone had finished eating, a part of the tarp collapsed and a huge waterfall started to crash down on everyone.  I grabbed my purse, sangria and bottle of wine {all the necessaries} and rushed inside with everyone.

It down poured for literally hours.  We all sat down on the floor inside the wine shop and talked and drank. For some reason this was so relaxing and fun at the same time.  I am so glad with my group of friends a damper like a downpour on an outdoor event didn’t hinder their fun. 

We watched the people of market street get soaked to the bone and almost all of the vendors packed up immediately. At least we got to walk around in the beginning!

{My girls}
{Powwow on the floor}
{Craft Beers}
{Alli5 and I}
{Exposed brick+ Wine galore}
{Michael just hangin’}
{Glowing wine!}
{Strawberry Beer= Delish!)

After the rain stopped we headed off to Brewer’s Alley for a Kolsh.  Then soon after wondered off to Wags. We were able to get a table and some of Wade’s friends joined us. 

A few beers later we decided it was time to eat.  Allie’s sister, Kelly was working at La Paz so we decided to head over.  I think we all ate our wait in chips and salsa. I of course ordered a margarita and the falutas as I always do. Which are “Two rolled and deep fried flour tortillas filled with either chicken and cheese, beef and cheese, or spinach, green chiles and cheese,  served on a bed of lettuce with a side of rice and topped with burrito sauce and sour cream.”  So good.  Dinner was a little fuzzy but we had a blast.

A van taxi was called to pick us up at La Paz.  We asked the driver to make a pit stop at the beer store, thinking we were going to party it up when we got home.
 {Pitstop at Pitcrew}
{My Man and I}
{The gang hanging out in Wags}

{View from La Paz}
{Lisa and I}
{My Amazing Flautas} 


Our taxi driver seemed cool at first, but we noticed her starting to talk about the devil and how when then sun goes down evilness comes out and blah blah blah.  She really started to scare us.  Needless to say we jumped out of the car and ran to my front door as fast as we could.

We all were down for the count, a few minutes later.  We tried to stay up and hang out on the deck but we found ourselves going to be at 9pm on a Saturday night. WE ARE OLD.

{Ryan sleeping on Cha Cha}
{Michael asleep on Ashley}
 {Down for the count}

 Sunday Brunch

  We decided to brunch it up downtown Sunday Morning.  We wanted to try Acacia’s brunch but they didn’t open up until 11am. So we went to Beans and Bagels to grab some coffee and walk around.  Sunday was such a beautiful day wasn’t it!? I couldn’t get enough.

{Perfect Morning Downtown}
 {Outside of Beans and Bagels}
{My loves drinkin’ coffee outside of Beans and Bagels}
 {One day I will splurge and eat here}
{Stolen from Ryan}
{Love the vines growing on the Volt wall}

The employees at Acacia were awesome and sat us a little bit early.  We were kind of in a rush, because Ashley had to be at baptism in Mt. Airy at 1.  They sat us in the courtyard {I didn’t even know they had one} and I was presently surprised.  

Allie and I ordered mimosas to be festive and they were delicious.  The waiter brought out some free coffee donuts that were out of this world.

For brunch, I ordered the tomatoes benedict, which had an orange tomato, fried green tomato, spinach, poached egg with a sun dried tomato hollandaise sauce with a side of breakfast potatoes.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their breakfast.  I loved mine.  I will definitely be eating at Acacia for brunch again.

{Pretty courtyard at Acacia}
{Free coffee donuts}
{Another view of the courtyard}


 {Tomato Benedict+ Breakfast Potatoes}

Ashley left soon after lunch for the baptism and everyone just layed around the house exhausted.  I decided to go on a little run around the neighborhood because it was so nice outside.

I was sad to see everyone leave, but so happy that they came to visit and that we had such a great time. Wade decided to make some homemade chili for the Packers’ game and it made the house smell delicious!

{Pretty view on my run}
{View from the deck}
{View of our back yard}
{Cha relaxing in the sunshine}
{Chef Wade in his Packer’s jersey}
{Up close of the wonderful chili}

Greek Festival

After the VT crew left my parents called to ask if I wanted to go to the Greek Festival with them for dinner.  Of course I said yes despite needing to do homework, cleaning, etc.

I ordered an appetizer sampler of olives, feta, dolmades (rice and meat wrapped in grape leaves) with pita + tzatiki; and ordered a spanakopita a la cart. (spinach and cheese pie) It was wonderful and took me back to my Greece vacation last May.

{View of the food stand from our seats}
{Spanakopita + Greek appetizer sampler}

We saw Maggie and the babes there too. Cam got a flower painted on her arm and Jackson’s face was painted like a doggie’s. They were adorable.  I feel like I see them every year at the Greek Fest and I love it.

After eating we headed to the church basement to check out the desserts.  I wanted to buy a box of baklava but decided to pass, based on all the calories consumed this weekend.

We then headed inside the church to snoop around. 

{Cam’s pretty flowers}
{Jackson the puppy!}
{Greek Desserts!}
{Candid pic of my adorable parents walking to the car}

After the Greek festival,  Wade and I relaxed on the couch and watched football for awhile and then decided to go outside and roast marshmallows for S’mores.  The something amazing happened! but that will be described in a later post! 

What an AMAZING weekend!
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