Hailie’s Birthday

Yesterday was one of my bestie’s Hailie’s 25th Birthday! Our group of friends headed to DC last Saturday to celebrate early.  Hailie picked this awesome restaurant called The Lost Society and it was amazing.  I loved all of the exposed brick, crystal chandeliers and vintage furniture.  Lisa, Rachel, Kristen, Wade and I got to the restaurant first and hung out in their lounge area and had a few drinks and enjoyed the free truffle chips
{In love with this place}
{Wine+Previewing the Menu}
{Swanky Bar}
{Kristen, Lisa and Rachel- waiting for the birthday girl}
{Wade at the bar enjoying a brew}
We were seated upstairs on the patio once Maria, Michelle and the Birthday Girl arrived.  The dark eerie stairs were lit up by a beautiful chandelier that I could not get enough of.That had them all over the place, but this one was my favorite. 🙂
{Amazing staircase chandelier}
{Waiting to order}
{More free truffle chips!}
A woman who works with Hailie and her husband came shortly after we were seated. Casey called and said she was on her way.  We had a grand old time sipping our expensive fancy drinks and taking some pictures next to the twinkle lights. Some of the girls got appetizers to hold them over’ tuna tar tar and some fancy mussels with french fries (Maria let me have one and it was delicious). Michelle bought Hailie a Birthday shot of Jameson that made me cringe.
{Hailie, Me and Maria}
{Birthday Shots of Jameson}
{Me and Lisa}
{Michelle, Hailie, Lisa, Maria}
{Lisa and Maria}
{Kristen, Michelle, Hailie}
{The orb of Tic}
We couldn’t take the hunger anymore while waiting for Casey so we ordered.  Luckily she called and told me to come out and meet her with Lisa’s money right after the waitress had left.  {It was $10 bucks to park-cash only}

When we came back we took more photo opts and watched in amazement at the tables near us on the balcony.  There was a birthday group of women that were dressed so skanky we could not ignore it.

I found this the perfect time to also snap some photos of some more chandeliers.
{Chandelier at bar near patio}
{Plethora of Chandeliers}
{Lisa, Rachel and Casey}
{Michelle, Hailie, Kristen and Maria}
{Hailie, Casey and Maria}
{Wade and I}
Our food finally came.  Wade ordered the Bistro Filet with fried Brussel sprouts, speck ham and Bearnaise sauce.  He let me have a little taste of the Brussel dipped in the sauce and it was AMAZING. 
{Wades Bistro Filet + Fried Brussel Sprouts}
Since I don’t like steak and I thought it would be embarrassing to order a cheeseburger at such a fancy place; I ordered the Crab Stuffed Lobster with some crunchies on top with a side of potatoes au gratin.  That was amazing! I don’t think I have ever splurged and ordered lobster tail in my life and now I am hooked
{Crab stuffed lobster}
{Potatoes Au Gratin}
We scarfed down our food and took even more pictures next to the twinkle lights. Lisa bought Hailie another bday shot.  We hung out for a long time at our special table as the bar filled up with the Saturday night bar crowd.  We kind of took back the skank comment when she gave our table a slice of each of her cakes- White strawberryish and chocolate. What a gem.  When the other tables were done singing happy birthday.  Casey twisted up a piece of straw wrapper and lit it on fire to mimic a candle and we all sang to Hailie.
We were soon kicked off the table by a bouncer which made us mad.  The crew went to the bar and got another drink.  Wade and I had to go to church in the morning so we said our goodbyes and made the long trek back to Frederick.  Thanks for a great time guys and HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAILIE!
{Lippy and Dippy}
{Birthday Shots- courtesy of Lisa}
{Make a wish!}
{Blowing out her candle}
{Wade and Hailie}
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