Downtown Frederick’s Girls Night Out

 Last Thursday I went to Downtown Frederick’s ‘Girls Night Out.’  A bunch of my friends and I had gone last year and it was a blast. 

Basically you buy tickets beforehand for $15 and the money goes towards the Heartly House.

Boutiques downtown then hold a private ‘party’ event night and have signature cocktail girly drinks, yummy finger foods and at least 20% off everything! A limo then takes you from boutique to boutique.  It is a FUN time.

I had to work late and ended up going straight downtown from work in my work clothes.  Luckily my outfit was cute and I was rocking my new cap toed pumps from, so I didn’t look too frumpy.
{My new fav shoes}
I arrived downtown at Silk and Burlap to meet my friend Lisa, right at 6.  

At the entrance to the Silk&Burlap they had a red carpet with photographer, Maya M. Pilkington and a bunch of fun props, and had a few glamor shots taken.
When we went inside and handed over our tickets we were given the choice of different color scarves! It was a dream come true.  We were to wear the scarves and it was like our ‘ticket’ into the other stores.  Last year we were given bracelets which was cool but these scarves were even better! I chose a light teal scarf and Lisa a light purple.
 {Me and Lisa striking a pose}
 {Photo by Maya Pilkington}
  {Photo by Maya Pilkington}
 {So Happy for our Scarves}
 We walked around the store a bit. I love all of the stuff inside that store! They have the cutest clothes and adorable kitchenware, candles, pillows, etc. All the store decorations in itself will make you drool with envy.
 {Pretty Chandelier}
 {Love the pillow patterns}
 {Can I have all of you?}
The store had amazing cake pops and cupcakes as its finger food and I was in love. You can never go wrong with cake pops!  

As for the drink, we had an interesting but delicious mixed drink of Flying Dog Atlantic Lager a lemonade shandy mix and rimmed with cayenne pepper! It was very good.
 {Cap Pops and cupcakes!}
{Atlantic Lager- Lemonade Shandy+ Cayenne Pepper}
After grabbing a cocktail, we noticed a table of vintage silverware with different words imprinted on them.  One set of forks had  Bride and Groom  stamped on them.  They were adorable.  Lisa insisted on buying them for me and I love them to pieces and cannot wait to use them on the big day. Thank you Lisa!
 {Vintage silverware!}
 {My Bride and Groom forks-courtesy of Lisa Carr}
Casey called us and said that her Graduate class had been cancelled and she wanted to come! She found a ticket and met us at the store. That meant more cake pops! And a cute photo with the 3 of us by Maya!
{Phot by Maya Pilkington Photography}

We walked over to Venus on the Half shell since it was right across the street.  Venus on the half shell is an adorable vintage clothing store.  They had organic brownies, fancy nuts and pumpkin cookies for us.  As for the drink it was a new creation; the sweet devil, which was vanilla vodka mixed with iced coffee and coco on the rim! IT WAS AMAZING! I love all the decor in this store as well! Can I have it all?
 {Snacks at Venus on the Half Shell}
 {Mixing us up some drinks}
 {Sweet Devils!}
 {Vintage clothes}
 {Cute Decorations}
  {I love this mirror!}
Instead of waiting for the limo, we decided to take the pedi cab to our next store, Velvet Lounge.
We felt bad for the poor guy taking our big butts around on a bike! But needless to say it was a fun time and such a beautiful night out!

I LOVE Velvet Lounge and was super excited.  They had apple cider-tinis for their girlie drink and some type of turkey wrap with cream cheese; a huge wheel of brie topped with honey, nuts and raisins (I think) and a plethora of meats and cheeses.
My feet wee killing me at this point and it had made me be in a bad mood, so i caved and bought some flip flops.  Luckily there were some on sale for $5.50 and i slipped them on although I looked ridiculous with teal flip flops and red orange cropped pants.  Oh well. 

I also saw a pair of Steve Madden brown booties that I had loved and contemplated buying at ‘In the Streets’ now they were an extra 20% off so of course I had to get them!
 {Casey, Me and Lisa on the back of the Pedi Cab}
 {Our driver}
 {Getting tired}
 {Hanging Jewelry at Velvet Lounge}
 {Warm Apple-tinis}
 {Wraps+Brie Wheel}
 {Cool Decoration}
 {Clothes+Pretty Wallpaper}
When we left Velvet Lounge we were lucky that the limo was just pulling up.  We got in and the driver took us to our last shop; Aspire.
They had veggies + Dip, chocolates, cheese and cookies.  YUM!  Casey and Lisa found a few things they liked.  

We took another Pedi cab back to near where we parked. What a fun time! Cannot wait until the next one!

 {Our Limo Awaits}
 {Lisa and Casey inside the Limo}
 {Casey and Me}
 {Inside Aspire}
 {Aspire Snacks}
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  • Silk Burlap Friday, September 28, 2012 at 11:13 pm

    So fun! Love your photo real and recap…see you at the next GNO!! Thanks for supporting the Heartly House!!!