Big Sis Comes to Visit!

Last weekend my big sister (sorority sister) Nikki came to visit! She came down Friday early evening and  we went out to eat at that new Thai place, Sumitra in Downtown Frederick.  She is one of the few friends I have that likes weird and different foods.  Do not get me started on the weird dried preserved Indian food she had in her pantry in her apartment in NYC.  The stench of the Indian food being prepared when I went to visit her in NYC for new years eve will forever stay in my mind.
{First time rockin the sock bun}
 {Car ride to restaurant}
Anyways we went to the new Thai Place and it was pretty nice inside.  Almost every time I go to a Thai place I always order some type of yellow curry with chicken, coconut milk and rice. But I decided to go outside the box and order the Gang Mussanman which is beef simmered in curry with onions, potatoes and peanuts topped with crispy shallots.  I also saw the Pad Thai and thought about ordering it but had tried it once while out to lunch with some work friends and it didn’t excite me, not saying it was bad, but too sweet for me.  Nikki wanted Pad Thai and ordered it.
Nikki and I ordered our food and some beers and had  a great time catching up.  I love her so much! 🙂 Our food came after not too long and I could tell right away I hated it.  Nikki and I had discussed sharing our plates with each other and it turned out that I just handed over my plate to her, and I took her Pad Thai that she had ordered.  I thought it tasted like feet but it was bearable.
 {Gang Mussanman)
 {Pad Thai}
Basically we came to the conculsion that I should stick to my yellow curry stuff I always get and that maybe I am not a Thai food person.
After dinner was walked to Brewer’s Alley where Wade and Maria were having a manly date of beer and pizza.  The pizza looked and smelled amazing; Maria and Wade let me have a peice.  The pizza had fresh mozerella, prusito, arugla and tomoatoes.  It tasted even better than it smelled.  
{Nikki and I}
 {Maria and I}
{The Most Amazing pizza}
We all hung out at Brewer’s for awhile until Justin and Josh showed up and we headed to Wags for their 2 for 1 special.  Such a deal!
Luckily we found a table and a few of our other friends were there.  Our friends kept buying Wade and I celebratory shots and it was great.
 {2 for 1 vodka sodas}
{blurry but awesome}
 {Maria and I}
 We decided to head to Wags and listen to the band they had there.  At one point Maria grabbed one of the small drums from the stage and we danced. It was great.
{Dancing at Bushwallers}
 {Playing the drums}
{Love them!}
 {Hanging outside of Bushwallers}
 {So happy she came to visit}
The next morning Nikki and I tried Frederick Coffee Company for breakfast.  Even though I have lived in Frederick my whole life {minus college} I have never been there.  We tried it and loved it.  It is so cozy inside and the food/ coffee was great.  I ordered a ciabatta pressed ham, egg and cheese sandwich. Yum.

Thanks for coming Nikki!

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