Ocean City Round 2

Our good friend Lisa was awesome and invited a bunch of us down to her family’s condo in Ocean City last week.  Wade and I planned to head down after my class at 9:30pm on Wednesday night and get down to OCMD around 1:00am.  We were so excited when my professor let us out an hour and a half early and we made it to Lisa’s condo around 11pm.  We freshened up and all headed to Macky’s for some drinks. The place was pretty empty and we found a perfect spot right by the water. 

 {Few from the water}
 {cool nautical decor}
 {Cardboard cutout poses}
{Lisa and I}
 {Stolen from Casey}

 The next morning Lisa made her famous egg sandwiches for breakfast.  While Lisa was slaving away, the coffee was brewed.  This was by far the best coffee I have had that has been made at home; Eight O’clock; either that or Wade just makes it the best. (inside joke) The sandwiches were amazing per usual.  I could eat those things all day.

After breakfast, we all got ready for the beach.  Hailie made us all sammies to have later on the beach. 
The weather was so perfect.  The kind of weather that makes you not feel any temperature.  It was perfect.  We relaxed drank our mixed drinks we brought on the beach and hung out in the ocean.  After a while we ate our sammies that were delish and read for a bit.
{Famous Lisa Egg Sandwiches}
{Vodka+Lite Hawaiian Punch}
{Perfect Beach Day}
 {Wadey Poo reading}
 {My special request sandwich}

 We grew tired of the beach and decided to head to the boardwalk for a drink.  After putting all the beach stuff in the car we wondered inside of Hammerheads. I ordered my fav drink, Creamsicle, as talked about {here}.  This time instead of sparkly streamer things in our drinks, we all got little blue crabs! Now this doesn’t sound like such a big deal to you but let me rewind back to last years Lisa Condo Beach trip. I had mentioned to Hailie while we in a tacky touristy store that I had always wanted this toy.  What is this toy you might ask?  Literally a thick red short pipecleaner with eyes on it.  It was all packaged up, but it had a TV on the stand displaying all the amazing things this toy could do.  The video showed the little worm moving in and out of the persons fingers ON ITS OWN.   I had seen this toy for years and years and always wondered how the heck it worked but never wanted to pay the $7 to buy it.  When we left the store, Hailie opens her hands and has the little worm.  We try to figure out how the heck it works.  Basically there was a few inch long string on the end of the worm that allowed you to pull it through your fingers.  Needless to say we named this little red pipecleaner worm- Filbert.  We tried to tie floss to its little string so we could really make him wiggle around but to no avail it wouldn’t stay. I really wish we could find a picture of Filbert but for some reason they have disappeared from Facebook and since we do not know the true name of this amazing toy google is not helping.

Anyways back to this year and the blue crab in out drinks.  You could hear a gasp when the waitress brought all of us our drinks.  I am sure she thought something was wrong.  The girls were so excited.  Here poking out of our drinks was this little blue crab shaped out of a pipecleaner! We declared his name- Dilbert; Filberts cousin.  I asked for a few more Dilberts and the waitress brought them for me.  As she set them down she said “here are your Dilberts”.  I loved her.  All I knew at this point was 1) she was getting a good tip and 2) I really think this Dilbert thing is going to catch on.
{Creamscicle drink+ Dilbert}
{Dilbert used as hair accessory}
After Hammerheads we walked down the boardwalk and went in some knick-knack stores.  Wade looked for his yearly OCMD trinket he always needs to buy, but couldn’t find anything worth while. 

We headed down to end of the boardwalk for the Dew Tour for some free stuff.  We found mustaches and free gum; score! Lisa and Tiffany stayed at the Dew Tour for a bit longer {the others headed back to the condo} and they to make free sunglasses! pretty cool.

 {Checkin out the free stuff}
 {Some pipsqueak skaters at Dew Tour}
 We all relaxed for a bit before deciding to go get some all you can eat crabs.  We decided to try out this new place near the condo called “BLU” {not “BLUE”- completely different restaurants}They had all you can eat crabs for, drum roll please……. $19.99! you could add all you can eat shrimp and chicken for $27.99 too!  We were a little hesitant because this place was new and got mixed reviews, but were very pleasantly surprised.

We walked in and were lead to the top deck which overlooked the Bay.  The sun was setting and we couldn’t have had a more perfect view.  We all ordered our beers and food.  Wade and Casey got the all you can eat shrimp and chicken add on and the rest of us got just the crabs.  We wanted them to get the all you can eat so we could have some, even though the place said “no sharing.” 😉 I really liked this place because although it was all you can eat, it wasn’t a buffet.  The waiter definitely deserved his tip.  He brought out two big plates full of crabs; two dozen with fresh un-husked corn on the cob.  He also gave us a box full of macaroni and cheese bites and cheddar biscuits. {in cute little Chinese takeout boxes to be exact} Let me tell you, I do not think our group of friends had been that quiet for a long time. The crabs were so good! I have never had crabs with so much meat in them.  Not a single one was skimpy and the meat was white as could be.  Next I will explain my love for the fried mac & cheese bites.  these things were amazing.  The only annoying part was you had to order a new box each time you wanted more, not automatically brought to you.  It took everything I had to share with everyone and not eat the whole box each time it was brought. 

When we got the receipt it said our group had 28 refills between the crabs and mac & cheese bites. We counted that we ate almost 6 dozen crabs between the seven of us.  Needless to say, we were all full to the brim.

{View of the Bay}
 {Crab picking tools}
{Cheddar Biscuts + Fried Mac & Cheese Bites}

 {The crew feasting}
 {Loved these cubs- and Yes I took it home}
 {Happy Teacher and her Crab}
 {Wade and his Crab}
 After the stuffing. We went back to Lisa’s to wash crabs off of our faces, freshen up and drink some booze before heading off to Seacrets! Michelle met up with us before heading out.  Wade and I road in Michelle’s car which meant Backstreet Boys blasting all the way to Seacrets. It was amazing. 
We rolled up to Seacrets and were so happy when it was only $5 to get in {normally its $10 when coming as late as we were.} but since it was a weekday night it was $5.  This made our night.  A few of us found a booth near the water and sat and chatted for a while.  We were super excited to find out that all beers were $3.  Once again made the night a lot cheaper.
After a few drinks, we headed into the nightclub area to dance and frolic.  There was this band.. and the lead singer was male and singing Pink’s “Raise Your Glass.” It was interesting.  Someone then whipped out the free mustaches, that was fun.
 {Love this map of Seacrets}
 {Love him}
 {Mustache Wade and Gene}
 {Lisa and I}
 {I could wear this thing everyday}
The next morning Casey made breakfast sandwiches and a bunch of us headed for the beach.  Casey left soon after breakfast :(.  It was perfect beach weather yet again and it was super nice to relax and take a little nap on the beach. 
When we got back it was time to cook the lasagna Wade and I had brought.  We all decided to have a good pregame before heading out.  Maria came this night and we were all so excited. 
After a while we headed to Macky’s and sat along the water again.  A shadowy figure started to come closer to the edge of the water.  Gene and I yelled for Wade and of course Wade went to investigate.  It was a horseshoe crab! So cool! Of course a bunch of people gathered around us to check it out.

Some of us headed to 7-eleven after the bars and this is where I discovered how amazing 7-eleven nacho cheese hot dogs were.

{Maria and I}
 {Wade the horseshoe crab whisperer}
 {Lisa and the horseshoe crabby}

The next day it was supposed to rain.  We all slept in and Gene made us all homemade biscuits with sausage gravy.  It was so so good. Between Lisa’s Egg Sandwiches and Gene’s Sausage gravy, they are a chef couple made in heaven.  We all watched some Shark Week and some of us decided to go crabbing.  We walked down the street of Lisa’s apartment and found a open area on the Bay. We started to crab and thought there were plenty of time we had something on the line.  We were disappointed each time to see we didn’t catch anything.  Not even one! I am definitely sticking to our spot across the 1st st bridge next time.

{Gene’s amazing sausage gravy}
{Not catching crabs crew}
After our failed attempt at crabbing.  We went back to the condo to lounge.  For dinner, Lisa, Gene, Wade and I, decided to go grab a Sandwich from Anthony’s Beer Wine and Deli.  I got the Gallion which was an Italian type sandwich and Wade got the Spinnaker; Turkey with coleslaw and thousand island dressing.  Wade and I gave each other a half so we could try the different kinds.  Both were good but the Spinnaker was amazing! 

We also picked up some cheap cigars and decided to be cool and drink cheap beer on the deck while smoking them.  Of course I did not find this pleasurable but felt like a bad arse. 

{Spinnaker and the Gallion- Anthony’s}
{Wade hangin on the deck}
{Lisa and Gene}
{Classy Ladies?}
{Trashy, Cheap Photography}
{Documenting this}
We got a call from Wade’s friend Justin inviting us over to their friends condo for a party.  Some of us decided to go and the plan was to only stay for 27 minutes then head to Fish Tales.  Well Lisa brought her handle of Captain Morgan which turned into staying there until after midnight.  We still attempted to go to Fish Tales but decided nto to when they were still charging cover despite the place was only open for another hour.  
{observing the debauchery from the couch}
We decided to stop by Pit and Pub where Casey’s Bro, Seth worked.  The place was near empty but we made our own fun.
{Playing some Foosball}

When it was closing , we decided it was time for food.  We all headed to 7-eleven. I got another hot dog. 

I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst feeling in my stomach.  I am pretty sure the hot dog gave me food poisoning. I never ever want to eat one again.  
We were super sad to leave and the drive hope was pitiful.  Now back to real life. See ya next Summer OC!
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