Ocean City Round 1

Wade and I took a Friday off and headed for Ocean City, Maryland for a nice, relaxing weekend in the sun. We decided once again to stay the the ‘Sahara Hotel’ which is the cheapest place you can get with a great location that isn’t dirty.  Wade was so excited and made a beach bound playlist which we listened to on repeat all the way to the beach.
We stopped at a grocery store right outside of OCMD to grab some bait to go crabbing.  We had found an awesome spot last time we were here with our friends; Jessica and Willy.  The spot is right before the bridge that leads into OC. {the one near 1st street, not the bridge near 64th or whatever it is} 
We settled in and got setup to crab.  The water was a lot murkier than last time.  Previously, we could actually see the crabs come up and bite our bait. This time we couldn’t cheat.

We caught a few crabs, what a fun beach morning. πŸ™‚
When we arrived at the Sahara they had our room ready, so we check-in and downed some brewskies on the porch before heading out to the beach.
 {Happy as a clam}
It was a pretty hot day, but the 2012 air show distracted us from it.  It was really cool to see, although a girl just wants some peace and quite every once in a while.
{2012 OCMD Airshow}
Our tummies started to rumble so we headed for the boardwalk for some Hooter’s.  For some reason we only eat Hooter’s at the beach. {even though there is one 45 mins away from us at home}

We ordered some Samuel Adams Summer Ale’s and our favorite fried pickles. For our entrees we both ordered wings (Wade super hot and mine mild) and a side of fries.  Needless to say we had too much fried fatty stuff.  I ate about 2 wings and couldn’t eat anymore because it was so greasy.  Wade was happy to take over and eat some of my leftovers for me.

{Summer Ales and reviewing the menu}
{Fried Pickles!}

We peeked in a few shops on the boardwalk to look for some knick-knacks.  We love looking at touristy junk.  We then went back to the room for some R&R and beers. 
Soon after we got back to the room Wade started to feel sick.  Could it be? Food poisoning AGAIN from Hooters?  He had gotten sick another time we were here from their wings.  Needless to say we spent a majority of the rest of the day in the room while Wade recovered.
Around dinner time he felt a bit better so we decided to get out of the house and head to one of my favorite restaurants, Harpoon Hanna’s.  Its pretty far away (at the very edge of Ocean city, almost Delaware) but my family had always rented a beach house about a block away from there, so we ate their often.

It sits bay side with a beautiful view and fun tiki deck area.  When we arrived we barely had a wait despite the crowds and we ordered some fruity drinks.  We weren’t that hungry so we ordered some lighter things.

We ordered some fresh oysters on the half shell for an appetizer.  Wade ordered some crab soup for his main dish and I some steamed shrimp.
 {Mojito +Rum Runner}
 {Steamed Shrimp}
After dinner we headed to the deck area to take in the views. The deck was pretty crowded but we headed to the dock and took some pics.

After we got back to the room we sat outside for a bit and walked on the boardwalk before calling it an early night. 

The next morning we woke up bright and early and got breakfast at our usual place nearby, Dunkin Donuts! It has been a tradition of sorts for us to get iced coffees and their egg white sandwiches and eat on the wall of the boardwalk.

{Breakfast+Perfect View}
We then spent a majority of the day on the beach soaking up the sun.  The darn airshow was happening again so we watched that.  A school of dolphins were close to the shore so they were cool to watch.  Midday we decided we wanted some drinks and headed to Hammerheads on the beach.
We ordered some fruity fancy drinks, mine was a creamsicle and Wade an electric blue long island iced tea.
For a light lunch we ordered some steamed mussels.  They were delish and they gave us more than enough for the price we paid.

{Fruity beach drinks at Hammerheads}
{Yummy Mussels}
When we finished we headed back to the room to shower and beautify before spending the rest of the afternoon at Seacrets.  We wanted to make sure we got there before 5 when they start charging cover.  We hung out on the dock for awhile and tasted new drinks we had never had before from the bartender.  We usually get the ‘Dirty Banana’ and the ‘Pain in the Ass’ but we tried some new ones, also much cheaper than the popular drinks!
When we returned to the dock we notices a pretty yellow lab barking from one of the parked boats.  The dog was freaking out and was barking for over an hour before its owners drunkenly came to drive the boat home.  The animal lover in me was furious and tried to tell one of the security guards to find the owners, (before they had returned) and of course the security guard looked at me like I was crazy.

Around dusk we decided to eat some grub.  We ordered more drinks and the jerk chicken subs; which is my go to item at Seacrets.

We hung out for a bit after dinner but decided to call it an early night once again and grab the bus and go home.

The plan the next morning was to go see the horses at Assateague Island but we decided to just head back to Frederick.  Maybe next time. 

Overall we had a great, relaxing and fun trip together.  We cannot wait to go back mid-August with our friends to celebrate Lisa’s Birthday!

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  • AndrΓ©a Thursday, August 2, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    ahh the beach!!! so jealousssss (imagine my whiney voice here) you guys look adorable as always and looks like you had tons of fun! poor cwabby's but i bet they tasted good πŸ™‚


  • foodandfrederick.com Thursday, August 2, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    Looks like a great time Tara!! So I was recently caught by the Liebster blog award train and I had to pass it on to one of my favorite fellow Frederick bloggers πŸ™‚ (I feel like we all need to have a blogger meet up or something haha) http://bit.ly/QCSGps