Lisa’s Birthday and other weekend things


Friday was Lisa’s 25th anniversary of birth! To celebrate we all went over to her house and had an awesome little pregame birthday party. Lisa was a sweetie and made a plethora of food and munchies and had a signature, purple cocktail drink.  The food included, keylime cheesecake squares, crab dip, loaded baked potato dip, mac and cheese cups, little weenies and irish car bomb cupcakes! Talk about yum.  A bunch of her friends from Baltimore came to join in on the fun. We all took a bunch of pictures before heading downtown.  I was super mad my phone was messing up and deleted a bunch of the pictures from the night.
{Partay food}

{Maria Wade and I}
{Maria and I}
{Wade and I}
{Maria’s Blue Boobie Tattoo}
{Lisa feeding Lily}
{The Boy and Me}
{The crew- I stole this pic from Kari}
{Hailie and I}
Firstone’s was at capacity so we all went to Isabella’s to boogie.  After awhile the lights turned on and music stopped.  This girl was on the floor having a seizure, which was one of the scariest things i have ever seen. The paramedics came after like 30 minutes and took the girl out.  Unfortunately for the girl, Gene- Lisa’s Boyfriend, is an EMT and have literally left Isabella’s to go home when this all went down. The music came back on and everything went back to normal. I was super happy when Maggie and Sara Clingan showed up, always great to see them! 
After a bit, we headed to The Green Turtle where some of the Brunswick boys were.  We all went on the dance floor and RJ kept bum rushing all of us girls.  Every time he ran into me I would fly and run into someone that looked like they wanted to kill me.  At one point Hailie smushed RJ’s face when he did it to her.  
{Dancing in our little corner of Isabella’s}
{Sara, Me and Maggie}
{Maggie, Jessa, Sara}

{Wade and I on Carroll Creek}

Overall great time celebrating Lisa’s Birthday and I cannot wait to head to the beach on Wednesday to the Carr’s condo to celebrate her Birthday some more! OCMD here we come!


On Saturday Wade and I headed downtown to try Beans and Bagels.  Yes, I have lived here my whole life and have never tried this place.  Saturday had perfect weather, we ordered our food and went outside to sit and wait with our coffees.  Wade got hot coffee, I ordered hazelnut iced coffee.  I must say that that iced coffee was damn good. While we waited there was the cutest little puppy sitting next to us and of course Wade told me to stop staring. Our sandwiches came out soon after.  I ordered a sausage, egg and cheese on a whole wheat bagel and Wade, ham and egg on whole wheat bagel.  I really wanted to try the Lox bagel {Ya know with smoked salmon, tomato, capers, cream cheese, etc} But it was kind of pricey for breakfast.  Knowing how amazing my breakfast sandwich was, I will definitely try the Lox bagel next time.
{Breakfast @ Beans and Bagels downtown}
{Wade and his coffee}
{Sausage, egg and cheese on wheat bagel}
{Beans&Bagels on Patrick!}
{Great morning to spend downtown}
After breakfast we headed to the mall so Wade could buy some new flippy floppys for the beach.  I of course made him stop in Barnes and Noble so I could look for some new books on my reading wish list.  I picked up Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and  This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper.
{Current Reads+ New Books}
We then headed to Lisa’s to pick up my car.  Maria was a gem and drove Wade and I hope last night from downtown.  We went inside and chatted with Lisa and Hailie for a bit before heading home to clean and relax.
At about 6pm we decided we wanted to cook something for dinner; stay in and make a night of it.  I suggested we try making Greek Moussaka. We headed to Wallymart to grab all of the ingredients and the food supplies for the beach on Wednesday! I will write a blog about making the Moussaka in the near future.  But basically, although this dish wasn’t super hard, it took a LONG time to make.  It took us 3 hours to complete.  Needless to say we didn’t eat until after 10pm.  Although demanding and long, this dish was definitely worth the wait.

{Sneak Peek of the Moussaka}


It was great to sleep in on Sunday. Soon after I woke up I headed over to my parents’ house where we sat outside for awhile.  Such a nice day! My Daddy then whipped up some sausage links and pancakes for a late breakfast. I tend to go over to my parents house, without fail one weekend morning each week.  I love hanging out with them, and their beautiful patio to hang out on is a plus.
I then headed home to relax, do laundry, pack and get ready to meet up with Jesye to catch up at Pizza and Pretzel creations.
While waiting for Jesye, I walked across the street to one of my favorite shops downtown, Velvet Lounge. I brought Cha Cha along for the ride and Velvet Lounge was awesome and let her come in the store.  She was so excited with all the people petting her that it was almost impossible to look at the clothes. Oh well I shouldn’t be buying more clothes anyways.
{Cha Cha inside Velvet}
Jesye came and of course still looks amazing and skinny despite being almost 7 months pregnant. I had never eaten at Pizza and Pretzel Creations sober before, and hence have never had one of their preztels since they only serve pizza late night.  I ordered a pretzel stuffed with cheese and jalepeno, Jesye a dessert pretzel stuffed with toffee bits and topped with brown sugar and cinnamon.  After a bit we walked over to Kristen’s house to see how she was doing.  Kristen had just had gallbladder surgery and luckily Hailie was over there to keep her company and help her.
{My Amazing Stuffed Pretzel}
{Frederick Lovin}
Overall another great weekend in the bag.  I am one lucky girl.  Hope everyone has a great week.  I am so excited to spend 4 days this week in OCMD with some great people. And I leave you with some cute Cha Cha pics to brighten your day.

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