Briana’s Surprise Party+Crab Leg Feast

I had planned of staying in all weekend to relax and get some things done around the house. With all the fun summer things going on, we had been slacking with our chores.  However, when one of my best friends, Sara Havrilla, called and said she was having a surprise birthday party for our friend and her roomie, Briana, on friday… I couldn’t resist.

Of course I was excited by this, I love surprise parties.

We showed up at at 7 to Sara’s house.  We parked our cars at the shopping center across the street so Briana didnt recognize my car.  Briana’s Mom and Dad were there along with our friend Precious and some high school friends.  We drank some brews and waited to hear word of when Briana was getting there.  Her little sister had taken her out to eat and was stalling her at various stores while we all waited for her boyfriend Zach.  Zach had been gone forever, getting decorations and picking up the cake.  Poor Briana’s sister had been stalling as much as she could; we could only imagine how ticked off Briana was probably getting.  When that girl wants to go home, she wants to go home.

Anyways.. up pops Zach with all of the necessary party items and we all get to decorating the house as fast as we can.  Some neighbors came over to join in on the surprise.  Finally we got the 2 minute warning call from Briana’s sister.  We all gathered around the entry of the house and turned off the lights.  Of course everyone was joking around and who knows if Briana heard us or not, but we all yelled surprise and blew our party horns when she opened the door.  Even if she heard something, she was definitely  surprised.  Her face was pretty priceless.  Wade was on video duty and I was on camera duty.  Although the shots aren’t as good as I would have liked, they captured her face perfectly.
{Cute B-Day Balloons}
{Party Decor}
{The “Y’all are crazy look!}
{Surprise Briana!}

After the surpirse, Sara brought out the food.  She had chips, spinach dip, velveta salasa dip and homemade crab dip.  Let me tell you, this dip was amazing.  Sara refuses to give me her family crab dip recipe; but I will try and mimic it one day.  It was so so good.  All of the guests looked ravenous trying to get more bites of it before it was gone.

{My biffle and I}
{All of the glourious dips}
 {Cutest couple}
 {Being Silly}
 {Cheers to Briana!}
 {Sara, Precious, Me and Briana}
 {Sisters and Mama}

Wade and I only ended up staying for a bit before being old and heading home.  Thanks for a great time Sara! Everyone deserves a surprise party in their lifetime!
Saturday Morning I woke up pretty early and headed to my Parents’ house per usual.  My Mom and I sat outside for a while and chatted before I went inside to steal a bagel.

Most of the rest of the day was spent organizing the pantry and cleaning the entire house since we had been slacking/not had time with all of the fun summer things we had been doing. I made an awesome asian salad for lunch.  Iceberg lettuce, Yellow grape tomatoes, red peppers, and slimacado. Yes a slim-a-cado.  A genetically grown avocado but made with half the fat and calories.  But let me say it sucks and I will never buy it again.  Nonetheless my salad was delish.

{Threw away all the old stuff- Bare but organized!}
{Yummy Asian Salad for Lunch}

We got an invite to come over to my parents’ house to eat snow crab legs for dinner and of course we happily accepted.  The rest of the night was spent eating cheese, crab legs and beer outside at my parents’ house  and then renting The Dictator on Redbox. {By the way Wade thought it was hilarious, I thought it was funny but not that great.

{Salad+Parm Asparagus+Snow Crab Legs}
{Major Begging at the Table}
{Completely tuckered out}

Sunday we got up bright and early to head to Walmart to go grocery shopping and go to Michaels to pick up some jars to house my sand, rocks and seashells from Greece.  At Walmart I picked up some ingredients to make yummy Thai Chicken Curry Soup for dinner.  This soup is so good; the dining hall at Virginia Tech used to have it and I would go gaga over it each time.  Recipe/blog to come.  I also grabbed The Hunger Games on bluray and raided the $5 DVD box. {500 Days of Summer, Where the Wild Things Are & The Fantastic Mr. Fox}
Mid Day I decided to go and buy some work clothes at the Loft.  I left spending a small fortune but feeling like I was up on my work outfit game.  

{Momentos from Santorini and Crete}
{Seashells found in Crete}
{New Movies}

{New Loft Dress for an upcoming October Wedding}

{Lime Silk Top+Plum Trousers}

{Grey Zebra Silk Top+ Orange Trousers}
{First Pair of White Jeans. EVER!}

I made the Thai soup as Wade watched football and picked his fantasy draft.  We ate the soup and watched The Hunger Games and drank some Flying Dog, Snake Dog IPA.  We watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox afterwards.

{Thai Chicken Curry Soup, Hunger Games & Snake Dog IPA}

I Hope everyone had a great weekend! And I can’t wait for all the festivities next weekend for Labor Day!

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