Wine Kitchen + Anniversary

On June 1st, Wade and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary.  To celebrate we decided to try the fairly new ‘Wine Kitchen’ along Carroll Creek.  I wore a pretty one shoulder, ruffled, emerald green maxi for the special occasion. I bought the dress from for around $35! Now they also have a yellow one too! {I’m holding back to see if they get a royal blue or magenta one!}

{Pictures at my parents house+ dropping off dog before celebrating}
{Wine Kitchen on Carroll Creek- Frederick, MD}

There was no wait at the Wine Kitchen and we were seated right next to a window looking over the creek.  The rain must have scared everyone away, but we thought it made the inside of the restaurant feel more cozy. We ordered our drinks. Wade a fancy beer, Red Nectar; and I got a Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington Hills. {Absolutely loved this wine, dry but just enough flavor}

{Cabernet+ Rain Drops}

For an appetizer we ordered some Fried Green Tomatoes.  I had heard people rant and rave about them, but we had never tried them before.  They came piping hot, crispy and delicious with a creamy dipping sauce.  To say we enjoyed them would be an understatement.

{Fried Green Tomatoes+Dippin’ Sauce}

We ordered more drinks. Wade got an amazing mixed drink, {of course he doesn’t get wine at a wine place!} and I a Pinot Grigio from Santa Julia. I was presently surprised by this wine, I normally am a red wine kind of girl but this was very crisp and fruity without being too overbearing.  Light hints of Kiwi and Lime filled this glass 🙂

Our food came and it look delicious.  I ordered the Fried Chicken Biscuit {I was afraid to try the other meats and I not into steak too much} The chicken was perfectly fried {like the tomatoes} without being greasy.  The chicken sad on glob of Mashed Potatoes that were beyond this world good.  The dish was topped off with a mushroom type gravy that was the icing on the cake.  YUM!

{Fried Chicken Biscuit + Mashed Potatoes+ Mushroom Gravy}
{So excited for his food}

Wade ordered the special, consisting of steak, onions, greens, gravy and a side of mashed potatoes.  He was in love and scarfed it down in no time.

{Chef’s special}

 {Little Wine info cards}

{Carroll Creek}

We passed on dessert and got the bill.  Wade learned a valuable lesson in asking how much a special costs but still thought it was worth the hefty price tag.  Ben and Jerry’s was next door and we grabbed some greek yogurt. I got the blueberry, vanilla graham cracker and Wade, peanut butter banana.

We then decided to walk to Brewer’s Alley for a drink.  We ordered some brewskies and chatted away.


We had a wonderful time.  The Wine Kitchen; although a little pricey for our budgets, was amazing and had a plentiful selection of drinks to choose from.  We will definitely be dining there again.

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  • Andréa Monday, July 9, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    AHH so adorable. i've been wanting to go to the wine kitchen!