Swinetastic Barbecue Festival

Wade and I went to the 2nd Annual Swinetastic Barbecue Festival back in June.  We were so excited for this; Barbecue and Beer; how could you go wrong? The air as soon as you entered the fair ground
was filled with the heavenly smell of smoked meat. YUM!

We arrived and wandered around the fair grounds. We walked along the ‘pro’ barbecue teams.  I had laughs at some of their names. Signs hung from each ‘pro’ tent that said “no free samples.” So unfair.

We made our way to the beer garden which was strategically located right in front of the stage.  We grabbed some beers {I tried Chicago’s Goose-land Ale.. LOVED IT!}and waited for Jah Works to come on. We have seen Jah Works plenty of times before, but we’re still excited to see them.

When the concert was over, we began the trek to the ‘amateur’ barbecue section. {where anyone can go and compete to win} On the way, there was this awesome liquor infused cigar stand.  Wade and I couldn’t resist and sniffed many of the different kinds.  Although we wanted one, we were not paying an arm and a leg for it.

{Liquor infused cigars}

We walked around the ‘amateur’ area and were disappointed they weren’t giving out any free munchies.  Each team looked like they were having  blast; grilling, laughing and drinkin’.  So jealous!
When walking in, we noticed a chainsaw carving demonstration set up, and the next show was at 4.  Having a little bit of time before the show, we headed to a BBQ selling station that had a shorter line and ordered the brisket sliders.  They were pretty good but definitely didn’t fill us up.  The Black Hog restaurant is much better in comparison.. 

{Beef Brisket Sliders}

After scarfing the sliders down we headed to the show, but noticed a cooking demonstration and grabbed some free pork loin samples. Delish! They were also giving out free coleslaw and baggies full of coupons and spices.  We didn’t trust that the coleslaw was protected from the heat but took tons of the free spices.

{Free Pork Loin Sample}

The poor chainsaw demo guy was sweating his behind off. He started the demo and we were amazed on how well he handled the chainsaw.  We had no clue what he was making at first, but then realized that for each demo he had been making the trophies for the winners of the cookoff.  What a neat prize!

{Trophies for first place pork and beef}
{First place chicken trophy+chainsaw guy}
{Wades fav}

Stomachs still rumbling, we went to another BBQ stand when the show was over and shared a pulled pork barbecue sandwich.

{Pulled Pork Sandwich}

We wanted to try one more place, Skin and Bones.  A line had been almost a mile long when we came in and we saw it had died down a smidge.  After waiting in line for five minutes we decided to say screw it and head home.

The Swinetastic BBQ festival was so fun! We are really glad we went and can’t wait for next year.
Below are some more pics exploring around the festival:

{Cutting up some meat}
{Some BBQ sides}
{Having fun!}
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