Reggae Wine Festival+ Amy’s Birthday

What a fun weekend I had.  Minus the all day laying in bed/couch thing on Saturday from Friday night, this weekend was great.  Full of good times with good friends.  It was one of my best friend’s Amy’s Birthday so we celebrated most of the weekend.

Thursday night I went out to dinner with my cousin at the Black Hog.  He had never been and I was craving some pig so it was perfect. I ordered some Arkansas Bit Beef and Carolina Pork BBQ which came with some lovely sides of coleslaw, corn bread and mac and cheese. I was in heaven.  My cousin chose some weird meats but said he loved it! I was glad.  There are many sauces to choose from at the Black Hog and if anyone knows me they know I love my sauces. {funny sauce story to come in a later post} I put a dollop of every sauce they had on my plate to taste test with my meats. Its the best!
 {Inside the Black Hog}
{Arkansas Beef BBQ, Carolina Pork BBQ, Slaws, Corn Bread & Mac & Cheese}
I worked from home Friday which meant I had tons of time to be get excited to go out for Amy’s Birthday.  Since I didn’t have a commute that also meant lots of time to figure out what I was going to wear.  More time doesn’t always mean its easier… makes me more indecisive. But nonetheless I decided on a black maxi dress that turns to lace at the thigh with a teal tank over top and a sparkly necklace 🙂  
Wade was a doll and dropped me and Maggie off at Amy’s to pregame then we shimmied on down to Brewer’s Alley.  Had a few Kolsh’s and yummy birthday shooter shots. Sara Havrilla met up with us soon after we got there.   It was also our friend Jamie’s birthday so she joined in on the fun along with Cristina and Ashley.  
 {Sara H and I}
 {Me and Amy}
{Maggie and her Kolsh}
We wanted to move onto the next place, but of course it was down pouring.  We tried to wait it out but decided to bear the rain.  By the time we got down to Griff’s we all looked like we had just gotten out of a swimming pool.
{Maggie and Amy- Wet as dogs}
After some time at Griff’s we headed to Isabella’s for a little dancing. After last call the girl’s decided to go back to Ashley’s house.  I was an old woman and wanted to go home so Wade came to my rescue.  
The next day I laid in bed feeling like death until 5pm. Wade brought me chick-fil-a and I started to feel better but only moved to the couch. He picked up a movie and we watched ’21 Jump Street’ and we were very pleasantly surprised. HILARIOUS! When I felt a little better I met up with Amy at Walmart to buy some goodies for the wine fest the next day. Needless to say I didn’t get ANY of my paper done for class as was the plan.
 {My view all day from my bed- Just staring}
Sunday I woke up bright and early to gather the supplies for the Wine Festival.  I made Amy go early because every time I have gone in the past I get there when the gates open and STILL fighting for a shady spot.  
When we got there, we were like two of ten people there and got a great spot in between two trees.  We went Wine tasting and it was great.  We sat back down and listened to the reggae music while we sipped our recent wine purchases.
 {Plethora of wines to taste}
{White Raven}
At noon when the Bacioni room {Indoor wine tasting with different wines} opened up, we were the first in line. Literally.  We tasted and loved.
 {Amy Tasting}
{Fancy Wines}
When we got back to the blanket; Sara, Chelsi, Briana and Zack showed up.  Of course we went wine tasting with them again. 🙂 Had to get our $20 worth.
{Amy, Me, Sara, Zack, Chelsi, Briana- Wine tasting}
After, We relaxed for a while and chatted and listened to the music.  I love the Linganore Wine Festivals and it was great that it wasn’t so darn hot; even though I wish the clouds had gone away.  The place was not crowded at all.  Total surprise considering normally its like a maze trying to find a way from your blanket.  It looked like it was going to rain all day so I am sure it scared some of the people away.
 {Cutest Couple!}
 {Happy Birthday Amy!}
{Hanging out on the Blanket}
Next was walking around and looking at all the arts and crafts vendors + buy more wine. We tried on some huge ridiculous hats, Amy bought a fancy hand painted wine glass {which she broke as soon as she got home} and I found a really weird green ostrich puppet that this little girl was begging me to buy. I tried on a belly dancing thingy while Sara and Chelsi annoyed the vendor with their entrepreneurship ideas.
{Old ladies in their hats}
{Little Bo Zack}
{My new friend}
{“I feel like Jasmine”}
{Checkin out the inside vendors}
{White Raven}
I had such a good time.  Before Wade came to get us I was sure to snap a few group photos of the girls.  Amy wanted to take home more wine and bought 6 bottles before we left. {making the grand number of bottles purchased to 10}  Amy bribed Wade to take us to Chipotle by saying she would buy it for us.  Although not happy to be our driver he couldn’t turn down free chipotle.

 {Amy buying too much wine}
 {Wade the Driver but avid Chipotle lover}
{In line-taking forever}
{Delicious Chipotle+Batman Begins}

What I wore

Friday- Black lace maxi- Lulu’s, Teal Tank- H&M, Sparkly necklace-Jcrew

Sunday- Pink Maxi skirt-Old Navy, White H&M Tank, Old Navy necklace

I Hope everyone had a good weekend!
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