New Years Eve In NYC!!


Although I had been to NYC to visit my big sister already two times this year; I thought I would take full advantage and go one more time for New Years Eve! Besides, when again would I have a free place to stay in NYC for new years and have some of my best friends by my side?  I made the decision months prior but it took some convincing for Wade to agree to come along for the ride.  {Crowds aren’t his thing}  The New Yorkers of the group decided we should purchase tickets to Dave and Buster’s 1} because they had the best deal and 2} it was right in Time’s Square with a perfect view of the ball! We all purchased our tickets for the big night for only $70 bucks a piece.. a steal for anything New years eve.  Our ticket included open premuim bar from 8pm-1am, a buffett of munchies, music, party favors and most importantly a blocked off section for us to see the ball drop!

We started our amazing trip on a few days before New Year’s Eve {Thursday 12/29} We wanted to have a few days before NYE so Wade could see some of the main attractions of NYC. {he had never been before}I also had plenty more things I wanted to see. 

Day 1- December 29th

We got to the bus stop super early {better early than late!} and we boarded the bus and were able to sit next to each other.  I had brought my computer with me this time but the free wifi proved to not be of the best quality.  We tried to watch the Terra Nova episode we missed but only could watch about 6 seconds at a time before it freezing.  We had a pleasantly fast trip until we arrived at the entrance of the city. Once again a 3 1/2 hr bus trip turned into 5 1/2.  We finally arrived to the bus drop off point and got into a taxi.  After climbing the once again never ending steep stairs at Nikki’s apartment building we freshened up and headed to dinner.  We wondered around for awhile looking for a new place that had decent priced food.  We came across Simone’s Martini Bar and peeked in.  It was beautifully decorated in dark reds, golds, chandeliers, and animal prints. HEAVEN! I looked to my left and saw a big bowl of Simone matches and grabbed a bunch.

Nikki and I order a 007 drink which was an orangina, sprite, vodka drink of deliciousness and we caught up from what had happened in the past month and a half since I had seen her.

I ordered a pulled chicken sandwich on ciabatta  with chipotle mayo and guac. It was pretty amazing.  It came with a little simple balsamic side salad which paired nicely.

After dinner we went to ‘stores’ and purchased some booze and pregamed at Nikki’s apartment before going out on the town.  Our friend Mandi {who lived in Minnesota} and her boyfriend Bryce met up at the apartment shortly after.  I hadn’t seen her in forever and I was great to witness her bubbly, cheerful personality again. Tori {Nikki’s roomie} and Hilary suggested we all go to this place called Rdv that was fairly new and were friends with the club promoter.

We all hopped in Taxis and headed for Rdv.  The line was out the door and the club promoter connections did not prove to be that helpful.  We got in quicker but the poor guys had to pay $20 which put a damper on Wade’s mood.  After getting in the entrance door, we were told we HAD to wait in line to check our coats.  An hour later {literally} we get to the coat check and this poor lady was seriously struggling with her coat duties.  We felt bad for her.

After that ordeal, we finally entered the bar area.  I was pretty impressed.  It was still fairly early for New Yorker time {midnight} so it wasn’t very crowded, but that gave us a chance to bask in the awesome decor.  It looked like we were in a versailles palace room.  They had fancy which fluffy couches and chairs, with gold scones and crystal chandeliers.  The fanciness goes on and on.

Wade was appalled when he heard the price tag of 1 beer, even though I warned him. {PS this place was so fancy they didn’t carry cheap beers like bud light, etc}  We were way too poor for this place.  Any-who, we were chatting and wishing we had guzzled some more drinks at Nikki’s apartment when 3 almost naked woman dressed the same, started dancing on these little stages. How nice.  We all danced and made fun of the strippers then decided to call it a night.

We tried to leave but needed our coats first.  The coat check room was a mess with coats all over the the floor. It took, once again,  an hour to get our coats.  By this time we were over it and just wanted out. Needless to say I don’t think I will ever go back.

Wade wanted pizza so I took him to Ray’s Pizza{As mentioned here and here} He ate 2 huge slices and we all went to bed.

December 30th- Day 2

The next morning, I pulled Wade out of bed and we walked to the nearest McDonald’s and got breakfast.  That made Wade feel better so we started out million block journey to the Empire State building. We were really glad we walked because we saw some cool stuff and it gave Wade a chance to see the city.

We arrived at the Empire State building and the line was wrapped around the building, but moved fairly quickly inside the doors.  We thought we were almost there. HELL NO. we walked inside and went to another section where we waited to go past security.

The crowd almost turned into an angry mob when the section that had to STILL purchase tickets were being told to go ahead of the pre-purchased ticket goers.  Finally we went through security and waited in yet another line.  We kept feel tricked because every time we would make it past another “section” there would be another long line, it was ridiculous.  One ‘section’ of the line was strictly dedicated to taking a picture of each individual person with a back drop of the empire state building.  ENOUGH!  We finally made it past the elevator line and we went all the way up to the 86th floor.  We loved the view and took some great pics. It was crowded up there but we managed to still see some great views right up against the edge of the building.

We then waited in line yet another time to take the elevator to the top of the 102nd floor.  We new the view wouldn’t be that much better on the top floor but wanted to say we were apart of the 102 club.
This elevator was only went from the 86th floor to the 102nd, which proved to be annoying when trying to go back down.  The elevator was very old school with manual closing doors and very very slow.  Here are some pics from the very top of the Empire State Building:

When we were done we had to wait in line to go down to the 86th floor, then wait again to go down again and again in different sections.  It took about 2 hours to actually get out.  We were glad we went but sure as hell will not be going back.

After that experience we walked to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas Tree and skate.  The line for skating was wrapped around the block so we ditched that idea {I was NOT waiting in a line again} The Christmas tree was beautiful even in the daylight. Wade and I had a moment 🙂

We then hopped in a taxi and went for a late lunch at the famous Katz Delicatessen, as seen on Man Vs. Food.  We waited in line to get in and encountered an old woman at the front of the line trying to weasel her way in without standing in line.  The security guy told us to not let her in front of us and that she does this every week because she loves Katz’s deli so much.  WOW! This stuff must be good.

 We got inside and were told to go up to the old fashioned counter.  Wade ordered the Pastrami Sandwich and I ordered the Ruben, we added a side of pickles at the last minute.  These sandwiches were huge.  We wanted to eat them right then and there but were not waiting in line for a table.  We walked back to Nikki’s as fast as we could and chowed down.  These sandwiches live up to their name! Definitely worth the $38 for 2 sandwiches!

After some R&R we all got ready and headed out to Phebe’s the others wanted a bite to eat but Wade and I were still stuffed from the Sammies.  Mandi’s funny guy friend joined in on the party and I could not stop laughing the whole time.  He is writing a book about his adventures {kind of like the guy who wrote ‘I Hope Serve Beer in Hell” and I am sure it will be a hit.  We all hung out and drank some beers at happy hour wonderful prices then decided to make some moves.

We decided on our default place ’13th Step’ which I had been to the other times I was in NYC, always a fun time.  This is when I realized what the name of the bar meant… I am dumb.  I thought it was just the number of steps leading down into the bar from the outside.  For all of you who still don’t get it, it is referring to Alcoholic rehab 12 step program… the 13th step is this bar, meaning just drink.

We all went in and witnessed this extremely drunk girl flail around for about an hour.  She eventually ended up knocking over a bunch of glasses which shattered all over the floor. We decided to call it an early night because we wanted to be fully prepared for the New Year’s Eve festivities the night day.

As we were walking back home, We passed McSorley’s and of course I begged and pleaded for all of us to go inside and have a beer.  We waiting in line, then went into the most crowded room I have ever been in.  We all ordered a beer {pretty sure they only had 2 kinds there, light and dark} There was a sole bartender who looked super angry but badass.  He carried a million beers in his hand at a time and slammed them down in front of us.  We finished quickly and managed to see a man try to swing from rafters/metal pipes and get kicked out of the bar.  It was definitely a rowdy crowd.

Wade had been sleeping up in Nikki’s little loft and him climbing up and settling down in his little nook was hilarious to Nikki and I. We all slept great.

 December 31st- New Years Eve!- Day 3

We all met for brunch {Mandi, Bryce, Wade, Nikki and I} at the Yuca Bar, right down the street from Nikki’s.  Wade had some Steak and eggs thing and I  the usual crab cake with poached egg, guac and hollandaise sauce. {and some sweet potatoes stuff on the side}So good.

Afterward brunch, Wade and I headed to the subway to Staten Island Ferry.

We hopped on the ferry without any problems {this being my second time.. I am pretty much a pro…)
We hustled to the front outside part of the ferry and got a great spot.  We went past the statue of liberty and I think Wade thought it was pretty neat.

On our way back to the Subway, Maria called {her and Angie were also in NYC for new years!} and wanted to meet up and hang.  We met them near where Nikki lived and went to this famous fry place called Pomme Frites; amazing Belgian fries and unique dipping sauces.

These fries and sauces were AMAZING! I got the sweet mango chutney mayo and sweet chili sauce. YUM.  This place was very small without much sitting room, but we found a stool and started grubbing.  On the counters they had these little holes that were the perfect size to hold your fry cone!

We then headed across the street to Cafe Mocha and had some fancy coffee drinks, shared a nutella, banana, strawberry crepe.  It was great.

Wade and I then headed back to Nikki’s to beautify before the big night. Mandi and Bryce came shortly after.  Adam {a friend from college} joined us along with one of Bryce’s friends.  Whitney, {Nikki’s Nurse friend} also came to join in on the fun.  After pre-gamming probably too long we all got on the subway and made our way to Time’s Square.

We all got off and were shocked at the amount of people.  We walked towards the street Dave and Buster’s was on and made our way through the crowds.  I had to pee but decided to hold it. When we got to the corner of the street we could not move anymore and were pushed and smashed.  Somehow Whitney, Nikki and I managed to stay together but lose the others.  Our phones were barely working, we tried to send texts and calls but they wouldn’t go through.  I had Wade and my tickets, but Mandi had everyone else’s!  After some of us hyperventilating because we were being smushed so badly my group decided to turn back and we finally got ahold of some of the boys to turn back as well.  During this point in time I thought I was going to die.  I was being elbowed and squeezed to the point I couldn’t move away from the pain or breath.  Here is when I saw the worst thing I have every seen.  This young “gangsta” looking couple were basically punching their way through the area I was standing in and they were pushing an infant baby in a stroller.  This man was literally jamming {on purpose} the stroller into people to make them move.  I watched the baby lay in the stroller jolting around and looking lifeless.  The people around me screamed at the couple in shock.  The couple was not headed towards the outskirts {meaning to try to get out of the crowd} they were headed closer to the NYE ball! They wanted to get closer.  This pushed me over the edge and I started freaking out.  I started to think that if this baby wasn’t already dead from the jolting, and needed an ambulance, there is no way anyone could get through or out to help.  Mean while I still had to pee and was seriously thinking that if I did pee myself it wouldn’t be SOOOO bad, since I was wearing tights and a skirt {I know this is gross}  That was better than what other people had! {people literally were pissing their pants because they couldn’t get to a bathroom or hold it any longer} We finally made it a block back to a less {but still} crowded area and found out Mandi and Bryce were inside and had given some tickets to Adam before they split {which we didn’t know- we had no idea how the others would get in if Mandi was lost and had all of the tickets and we couldn’t find her} So after some talking on the phone we all went back into the mob and made our way to the “check point” The checkpoint was the area that lead to the street we needed, but was only accessible to ticket holders that had a venue on that street.  The problem was that  non-ticket holders were trying to get in too.. causing the backup.  When we approached the checkpoint and did not seem to make any progress, a police officer pulled me into the ticketed area like the jaws of life.  One by one we were let in by the police {thank GOD for them}  We all looked around and saw an amazingly normally occupied street. It was like night and day; we went from being not able to breath because it was so crowded, to an area where you could do cartwheels!

The girls {minus Mandi} went inside and I made a B-line for the bathroom.  I surprised that there was no line.  When I came out I saw a little bar off to the side and ordered 2 drinks.  I met the rest of the crew at the bigger bar/food/game area.  I had never been so happy to see Wade.  I thought he was dead/arrested for freaking out because of the crowd.  But he was surprisingly fine and reminded me that he was pretty tall and could oversee the crowd.  Nikki and Mandi then asked me where the bathrooms were and I showed them, turns out I went into the VIP area and we were not allowed to enter again.  I guess I looked like I was on a mission before and no one bothered to stop me.

I was pretty impressed with the Dave and Buster’s setup.  They had a nice spread of good greasy american food that we grubbed on.  We all became super relaxed and the night actually turned into what we had imagined.  We had no problems getting drinks and there was plenty of room and space for us to move around.

At 11:30 Wade and I decided to head outside to ensure we could see the ball drop.  The Dave and Buster guys were handing out party favors {leis}on the way out. We were happy to see the street was pretty spacey and found our spot.  I guess amongst my excitement I had elbowed an old lady, and in return she punched me in the chest.  I had no idea why she hit me and just looked at her.  She told me what I had done and added “It has been my dream to come to Times Square to see the ball drop and I will be damned if one of you young hooligans prevents me from doing it!” I apologized and of course this made everything ok.  She then told me that she was supposed to come here with her husband but he had died earlier in the year.  Wade had some tears.

Finally it was time to watch the ball drop and we had a perfect view.  It was perfect and I was so happy Wade and I got to see it together.  Once again another moment.

We went back inside and were given some more party favors {horns!} and met back up with the rest of the crew.  We all had an amazing time. Here are some more Pics of the night.

Finally it was time to leave and getting home was a lot easier than I thought.  We road the subway and decided to stop at Pho and get some grub.  It took forever to get our food but we had a blast.

After we went home and slept like babies.  We had to get up at 6am to make it to our 8am bus departure, which was extremely painful and made for a horrible bus ride home. Nikki graduated from nursing school in April so that visit was probably the last one for a long time.  Overall, we had a blast and were glad to mark off watching the ball drop in Times Square off our list!

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