John’s Crab Feast Birthday +Brittany’s Going Away

Another weekend has come and gone.  I was fairly busy this weekend. On Friday Wade’s and My good friend John was having a crab feast/cookout with some close family and friends and it was a blast.  I forgot how hard it is to pick crabs.  I think I have a million cuts on my fingers from those spiky things.  I ate a few crabs then transitioned to burgers.  Wade on the other hand had his first crab picking experience, which was prepped by crab picking videos on YouTube. It paid off and Wade downed a couple dozen crabs.  I played with two of the little girls there part of the time.  I was pretty proud of my imagination skills. We were Hero Princesses that turned the bad guys good by sprinkling grass aka our fairy dust on them.  The men played croquet in the front lawn which was a hoot. Baby Cameron was as cute as can bet but did not want Wade or I picking him up.  Overall good time, good food and great company. Happy Birthday John!

 {Crabs and Beer}
 {Professional Crab Picker}
{Before digging in}
 {Playing the manly sport of croquet}
 {Baby Cameron watching Daddy play}
On Saturday Wade and I headed to Plato’s closet to try and sell some of my clothes.  I have been trying to clear out my closet after coming to the realization I have too much stuff. They bought some of my stuff {not as much as I would have liked but I can just donate the rest}  and Wade and I decided to get some pizza next door at CiCi’s.  Back in my Virginia Tech days, CiCis was soo good and my roomies and I loved going there.  Maybe it was because it was cheap and the only thing we could afford πŸ˜‰  Needless to say it wasn’t as good as I remember and thank heavens for their new Garlic Italiano  pizza, everything else sucked.
 After pizza I went downtown to Firestone’s for a drink for my friend Brittany’s going away outing.  She is moving to Brooklyn to pursue her acting dream.  I will miss her and it was great to see her before she left.  
 {Little Red Headed New Yorker}
 {Lisa and I}
 {20+ years of friendship}
{Don’t Leave Brittany!}

Sunday consisted of lots of lounging and then picking the weeds out of our forest of a garden.  Needless to say I was super sore the next day.
What I Wore
Friday Night:

I wore a purple and cream patterned maxi dress from I got this at a steal price of $23 during one of their sales!

Saturday Night:
Blue Skinny jeans from Elle-Kohls,  Black H&M tank, Open print vest- Tobi

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