Deck Date

Wade and I decided to stay in one weekend night and have a deck date. A fun night full of cooking together, good beer, music and hanging outside on our spacious deck.  My cousin; David was awesome enough to give us his never used deck umbrella. Before, we only had our glass table and a few chairs left from our landlord. I had also picked up not too long before; a standing beer tub from a vendor at the Caribbean wine festival.  
We could not wait to play with our newdeck stuff and wanted to spruce up the deck even more.  I grabbed some outdoor rot iron candelabras that I had found at my Grandparents house and put tea lights in them.  We also (well Wade) strung white Christmas lights outside so we could have a little bit of light. Finally, I bummed some citronella off of my parents so we could fill our tiki torches. 
When we went to the grocery store to pick up food to cook; we bought steaks, chicken, tomatoes, pineapple, corn and mozzarella and a plethora of Landshark beers.  We bought all of this despite the fact that we had baked beans, Wade’s Mom’s fresh garden strawberries and zucchini and my cousin’s Rockfish already at the house.
Wade lit up the grill and I grabbed the ipod player and we sat down and enjoyed some beer and music before beginning to cook the feast.
 {New beer tube/stand with beer+wine glass holders}
{Tiki torches+new umbrella}

Our stomachs then began to growl so we started cookin’. I quickly cut up some Roma tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Then grabbed some basil from my garden.  I tossed everything together with some balsamic vinegar, pepper and sea salt. Next I sliced up the pineapples that proved to be harder than I anticipated. Once complete, I made a lemon juice, honey and orange juice mixture and brushed on the pineapple. 

Meanwhile, Wade had marinated the chicken and prepared the steak and slapped them on the grill.  I prepared a cilantro, butter, olive oil, garlic, balsamic, lemon marinated for the fresh zucchini and corn and gave to Wade to grill.
{grilled corn+zucchini}
I threw some bakes beans on the stove and cut up the fresh strawberries. In no time it was time to dig in.  Everything was amazing and we were full to the brim.  

It is nice to stay in and indulge yourself sometimes. Wade and I had a great time and plan on having another deck date soon 🙂

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