All You Need Is Love….

A lot of people I know despise Valentine’s Day. I personally love it. Even when you do not have someone special to celebrate it with, you can see the love all around you.  People all around are celebrating their relationships (just as an anniversary) and how they have grown together.  Which brings me to the images below:

I am a huge sucker for old couples.  Maybe it is because my Grandparent’s marriage has been a perfect model for me.  A classic example of “olden” day love.  You know… the type… where the boy picked up the girl from her house and took her out for a milk shake and had her home by 9..courted her, and wanted nothing more than to marry and take care of her; and spend the rest of their lives together. And oh of course asking  her father for permission.  A person to be your companion for life! To still be by your side when you are old and wrinkly.

In a world where you are more likely to get a divorce than have a sucessful marriage (death do us part), it is nice to know that the the whole world hasn’t gone to hell and that true love, loyalty and respect still exists.

Our Valentine’s Day In

 We decided to take the road less traveled and stay in on Valentine’s Day to save some money.  Although Wade ended up spending just about as much as he would have at a restuarant we had a much greater time.

For an appetizer he made some amazing baked scallops on top of spinach, yum.

He then made Chicken stuffed with goat cheese and mushroom duxelle topped with mushroom wine sauce. Roasted slices of red potatoes. Delish! 

We exchanged presents after. Wade loved his flying dog beer, Green Bay tumbler glass and T-shirt {which he proceeded to wear tooooo much in the coming weeks after}

I loved my wine, flowers and chocolates. The slippers on the other hand was an inside joke.  A week or so before, I had tumbled all the way down the basement stairs in my current slippers.  Wade decided I needed old woman slippers with rubber sneaker like soles on the bottom.  I fought it at first, but they are actually great.

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