New York Lovin’

Yes, I decided to visit NYC yet again the first weekend in November.  You can see how much fun I had last time {here}.  I traveled by myself again but I was more comfortable with the process for the most part.  Except the fact that I had to drive myself to Baltimore and find parking this time.  {my mom dropped me off on the last trip}This of course added to my stress but everything worked out perfectly.  I got to the bus stopped a little too early {almost 2 hours early}and found parking super quick.  I parked in the Baltimore Marc-Penn Station parking lot and walked inside to look for a restaurant of some sort so I could pass the time with a brewskie.  To no avail there weren’t any alcohol serving establishments and I waited the remainder of the time in my car.  It was finally time to walk to the bus stop which was almost impossible to do with my ten ton Vera Bradley duffle. {I am asking for real luggage for Christmas}

I got a window seat and before I knew it we were entering the city.  Of course it took an insane amount of time AGAIN to go through the tunnel but at least we didn’t have to deal with the rush hour traffic in Maryland.  The lady sitting next to me and I complained about how long it was taking until finally we were dropped off.  I stood outside forever trying to get a cab.  This time it was not due to me not knowing how to wave down a cab but because about 5 buses had dropped off in the same area and same time as my bus.  I finally get a cab and made my way to Nikki’s apartment, where once again I was encountered with the stairs from hell. 

 {Stupid Stairs}

After barely making it to the top, Nikki’s roomie Tori let me in since Nikki was at work for another few hours.  I relaxed for a bit then decided to attempt to go get food and some booze for us to pre-game with.  I was so impressed with myself when I found my way to Ray’s Pizza aka Nikki’s fav after hours drunk munch spot and bought a $2 bagel for din din. Then with a little help from the “Around Me” app I was about to find a liquor store.  I grabbed the cheapest bottle of red wine and black raspberry vodka I could find and started to look around for some soda/juice.  I asked the cashier where the chasers were located and he replies, “We do not carry those here, we are not allowed, its illegal.” I was shocked and confused, why would it be illegal to sell some darn juice! I went to pay and the cashier starts questioning my ID, then after I successfully answer all of my personal info, he still thinks I am underage.  


I then go next door to a deli and buy some diet ginger ale and diet orange soda and make my way through the city back to Nikki’s Apt and up the stairs from hell.  I eat, pour myself a drink and get ready until Nikki comes home and we have a heartfelt sisterly embrace!

We pre-gammed  with Tori and her friend Christina for a bit until our other DG sister Lindsay came.  We hung for a little bit longer and headed to one of Lindsay’s friend’s apartment parties.  We arrived and the apartment was quit large for a college aged person in NYC. We helped ourselves to some beverages and chatted amongst ourselves.  We felt like we were at a frat party.  We went upstairs to the other part of the cool apartment and listened to the little live music set up the host had.

{Our musical entertainment}
We went back downstairs for refills but could not find anything. We found the host’s secret stash and made ourselves another drink and then hid the remainders.  I was then approached by a young girl dressed in a teal lace skirt and baby pink lace long sleeved shirt and was asked if I could pose for a picture for her interview entry to College Fashionista.  Of course I accepted and posed.  I felt special for a few minutes but then thought maybe this was a joke/a mean girls moment and she was going to post my photo and actually make fun of my outfit.  Oh well.
{Me, Lindsay, Nikki}
{Little and Biggie love}

Lindsay had to leave because she worked the next morning and Nikki and I made our way to some bars near here apartment.  We first walked into “The Thirsty Scholar” and went potty before going to 13th Step.  We went to the bar and of course Nikki finds the only military guy there probably.  He is immediately infatuated and thinks Nikki is too but that was just Nikki being Nikki.  After about 5 mins of meeting him he tells us he is an undercover agent for the Department of Defense and hes not supposed to tell anyone and shows us his badge and introduces us to his other secret agent friends.

I am asked to help one of the guys in the process of talking to woman {he has just returned from Iraq} This guy was super shy and standoffish and seemed afraid to talk to me so I continue talking to his friends.  The boys asked where I worked and I responded. Then all of the sudden the shy boy says “Ha! your company makes the ugliest planes!” This set me off beyond belief and I went into a possessed rage on why should he care if a plane is pretty and all that should matter is if it is keeping the occupants safe and destroying the targets.  The fighting continued for a few minutes.  We had a few and chattered about random things and then the boys decided they wanted food and we were coming.  We went to this little diner called “Cozy Soup N Burger” and I ordered french fries and Nikki had an omelet.  The agent boys paid for us and lover boy looked like a sad puppy seeing uninterested Nikki walk away.

 Nikki and I laughed about the night and about having a meal with “secret agents” at 4:00 am. Finally Nikki and I were all tucked in and we went to bed.

Day 2
We woke up at a decent hour, freshened up and went to find a place to eat breakfast.  We decided on a place called Cafe Mocha.We decided to be fancy and get a Bloody Mary.  It was good but way too strong and I have major problems drinking it.   
{Ultra Strong Bloody Mary}
Nikki had some sort of omelet with avocados, breakfast potatoes and toast. I had a breakfast wrap with egg, spinach ans goat cheese which was beyond good.
{Nikki’s Breakfast}
{My breakfast}

After breakfast we hopped on the subway and headed to central park.  I was amazed on how big it was and how beautiful.

{Central Park}

We then made our way to the Central Park Zoo.  It was so nice outside and we could not have asked for a better day.  We waited in line for awhile to get tickets but finally got them and entered the zoo.

{Building near the entrance of the Zoo}

 {Quote in the Tropic Zone from Where the Wild Things Are}
{Cute little bat}
{Snow Leopard}
{Cute quote in the owl area}
{Sleepy Polar Bear}


After the zoo we walked around central park a bit more. Here are some pics below 🙂

{Cool tunnel}

{Ice Skating Rink!}
{Carriage rides}
On our way to the Museum of Modern Art we passed the Trump Tower and went in. I thought this was so awesome.  I kept slipping and sliding on the marble floors, which was annoying.
 {Trump Tower!}

After visiting Trump we decided we were hungry again and tried to find an affordable restaurant which proved to be more difficult than one would think.  We finally came across Rosie O’Grady’s and went in.  I decided to step out of my comfort zone and get a beef sandwich au jus with a mushroom, artichoke, and sun dried tomato salad.  The salad was to die for but the sandwich was a bit to rare for me.  I ate half of it and then took the remaining meat from the other half and just dipped the baguette into the au jus.

 {My meal}
During our meal I checked us into the restaurant on facebook {of course} and our friend Lindsay commented saying she worked right near the restaurant and if we wanted a tour of Fox New Station! We said screw the museum and we found our way to the entrance of Fox News where Lindsay was waiting for us.  I was not allowed to take pictures but it was awesome.  She works in the media room and we got to see where interviews were conducted in the station.  We also got to see the set for the O’Riley Factor which was neat.  

{Cool church on the way home}
{Pretty fall leaves}
{Radio City Music Hall}

After our  nap, Nikki and I showered and got ready then went out to find some quick food.  We ended up at this southern cooking carryout place where we both got huge Caesar salads and went back to the fort to pre-game with Nikki’s friend Whitney and Hillary. I loved them both. Hillary spent the day out of her window watching the filming of a battle scene in the next batman movie.  Another friend of Nikki’s Taylor came over to join us and she actually went to Roanoke College (right near VT) and was also a Delta Gamma.  We instantly clicked. Then their murse friend Larry came and was beyond funny and we all headed out to this bar called Phoebe’s.  After a drink or two Taylor got a text from an NYU guy who had a VIP table for his birthday at Tenjune.  We all rushed out of the door and got in two separate cabs.  Our cabbie went to drop us off and had a malfunctioning computer and began to scream at us because of the extra dollar he would have to pay to reset the screen so we could swipe our card.  Hillary put him in his place and we all went into Tenjune.  We finally found the VIP table and drank from free bottles for a few hours and danced. 

{Me, Nikki, Whitney, Larry @ Tenjune}

 {Me, Taylor, Nikki throwing up the Deeg}

After a while we decided we wanted more of a bar scene. So Nikki, Whitney, Hillary, and I went to the Brass Monkey and danced and had a good time.  I really liked the laid back bar atmosphere of this place.  I was super excited when I saw Brass Monkey had matched with their logo and address on it! I added it to my new collection.

{Hilary, Whitney, Me}

After we were all done at Brass Monkey; Whitney, Nikki and I found our way to Pho for some late night munchies.  I had never had Pho {a type of Vietnamese cuisine} but I was super excited.  Pho 32 was an awesome restaurant that was sit down and open 24 hours.  We sat and it didn’t take me long to choose the chicken Pho.  We all shared an appetizer, which I cannot tell you what it consisted of other than deliciousness.  My chicken pho came and in a nutshell its broth with clearish noodles and chicken.  It comes with a plate of veggies that you pour in the boiling dish.  They also had this amazing sauce called Hoison Sauce which is the Asian version of Barb-a-q sauce and pure heaven. I also topped it all off with some Sriracha and enjoyed.  I am pretty good at chopsticks at a normal time of day but I seemed to have some issues eating this. But nonetheless I finished and we all went back to Nikki’s and slept.

Sunday morning came too fast despite the extra hour from the time change and I packed up my thinks grabbed a quick bagel and huge water from Ray’s down the street and said my goodbyes to Nikki.  I left with an hour to get to the bus and went to the corner to grab a cab. 
I stood there awhile and decided to go to another more busy street after not seeing any cabs. This once again was almost near torture with my huge huge bag on my shoulder.  I start to freak out after 20 Mins of not being able to catch a cab. 
Finally one cab stops and asks me where I need to go: “77th St and 3rd Ave please” the cabbie responds: “oh no I can’t take you there.” Me: “Why not?” Cabbie: “we cannot go any further than 56th street due to the New York Marathon today.” {we were currently one 7th street and 3rd Ave} Me almost in tears: “Well how am I going to get there then?” Cabbie: “I don’t know and I don’t care.” Me: “well can you take me to 56th street at least?” {thinking I could walk the extra 21 blocks} Cabbie: “nope:” and drives off.  I am having a mental breakdown at this point considering I have 27 mins to get to my bus. I call Nikki hyperventilating and tell he what was going on.  She said I would now have to take the subway but the entrance of the N or R trains I needed to take did not have a place to purchase a ticket and I would have to run to another train entrance to pay for one.  This was a lot harder than it sounds because of 1) (once again) my huge heavy bag and 2) I was shaking from my mental breakdown.  After almost falling down the steps I bought my single ticket and make my way to the other entrance a block or two away.  As I am walking down the steps I see the N train pull off. Great! I am now less than 20 mins until my bus leaves.  I wait for a min and see a sign saying that the N train takes you to 34th Street.  I start freaking out and call Nikki.  The call does not go through because I am underground and I cannot go back upstairs because I will have to pay again {which means going back to the other entrance a block away.  I finally get through to Nikki and say “Nikki! why am I taking this train!? it only takes me to 34th street. I can’t walk 43 blocks! I will never make it in 18 mins.  She says: “Tara. You need to go to 33rd Street, you will have to walk a block from 34th to 33rd and it will be tight but you should be able to make it.” Suddenly I realize I am going to 33rd st and 7th ave NOT 77th St and 3rd Ave {location I told the cabbie} All I can do is laugh at this point.  I could have gotten in that cab and he could have taken me to my stop.  Finally a train comes and I hop on.  I make it to my bus with a minute to spare and I was still disheveled until we reached a rest stop in Delaware where I got some calming tea and slept all the way back to Baltimore.  
We were dropped off and I saw my car safe and sound.  I got lost on the way hope {per usual} but I made it back to Frederick safe and sound and with lots of stories to tell my family, friends and Wade.  Wade and I are going back to NYC to visit Nikki for New Year’s Eve and I could not be more excited! 
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