Halloween Celebration!

I finally uploaded my Halloween Pictures off of my camera. And even though it is now Mid November; I still find it necessary to share the gloriousness of Halloween 2011.

After a few epic fails on group costume ideas I decided to Google “awesome Halloween costumes” I wanted something cheap to create but unique.  I quickly found this image. 

And was super curious.  I researched the “article” and saw it was a make-up artist replicating Roy Liechtenstein’s “Crying Girl” artwork which I had seen before.  I thought it was super neat looking on how the red dots and black outlines looked just like colored print would look on newspaper!

I also decided all this costume would take would be a wig and some face paint.  I became super excited about it and decided to wear this red and blue striped dress from H&M that look kind of comic-ish.  I also wore opaque tights with black boots and a black blazer with the artwork printed off and safety pinned to me.

 Halloween Celebration #1

On the Friday before Halloween I was working close to D.C. for a work event.  I decided that I wouldn’t be getting home until late because of the major rush hour around the DC area.  A big group of my friends decided to meet at our friend Hailie and Michelle’s apartment and all get ready together and pre-game.  Then we were going to go to the radio station DC101’s Elliot in the Morning’s Halloween Bash.

I was one of the first to arrive and immediately started on my make-up.  I put a base of super white makeup on my face and let it dry.  It started peeling super quick which got me nervous, but I kept trucking along.  I outlined my face with black cream makeup and a black face “pen” I was starting to look like a drawing already.  I then finally put red dots all over my face using the end of Hailie’s liquid eyeliner container. {the q-tips made the dots too big} The it was time for red lipstick and for Hailie to apply my fake eye lashes! 

In between my make-up applications; Lisa, Casey, Maria and her friend joined us and we were all a big happy family. Hailie’s roommate Michelle left with her costume which I saw on her later and was amazing.  She was a frosted mini-wheat.  Adorable and amazing.

{Kari and Michelle}

I then got dressed and started to pin all of my little squares of artwork that I printed off at my parents house all over my blazer! 

 {Maria and Casey}
 {Lisa, Hailie}

Now it was time to do some work on the vodka and beer.  It was super fun watching everyone get ready.  Hailie’s cousin Cody and his girlfriend were visiting and made some delish snacks for us such as; fresh blue cheese and crackers and chicken salad in lettuce cups. Yum! we all took many of shots from the “Sailor Jerry” bottle which had the most awesome label ever and Cody round us up by saying “Who wants to go sailing”  Finally we all were ready to go and took some pics.


 {Kayla, Cody, Hailie}

We tried to call cabs but were on hold from what seemed to be an hour.  I didn’t mind though.  I greatly enjoyed hanging.  Finally we decided to take two cars and cab it back.  We showed up and the line was ungodly long.  Our friend Brittany was good friends with someone who worked at the radio station. We waited at the front of the line waiting for her to let us in but to no avail we were turned away and decided to go to the tavern next door and have a drink.  We walk in and everyone is staring at us because we are the only ones in the place that are dressed up.  I don’t really care because which all my face makeup no way in hell anyone knows who I am.  I felt shielded ha!  Immediately Hailie and Cody went outside on this abandoned patio {because it was raining} and went into a walk in refrigerator and took a bottle of wine and at the last minute Cody supposedly decided to take a bite of raw chicken… I was in the bathroom during this time. They scurried away and Maria, her friend and I decided to stay for a drink. I had a vodka soda then we decided to join Hailie and the others outside in the glorious line.  To my positive surprise I see the crew had butted pretty darn far up the line and were continually inching further up.  Very happy I got in line with them where we chatted with the people in the line who did not realize we were cutting them and drank the bottle of wine Cody and Hailie stole.  It still took us over an hour to get inside and I wasn’t in the best mood considering it was raining and I was melting.  We all got a drink and saw Michelle {well everyone else did, I was too short to see completely} get on stage for the costume contest.  Her outfit was amazing but with the crowd her little mini-wheat type things on her costume had come off and she ended up looking much like a cardboard box with a bowl on her head.  Needless to say she did not make it to the second round and was not very happy about it. {will get into story later}  Anyways we all hung out and watched the contest and guy that built a costume that looked like it was straight out of the Transformer’s Movie won.  The prize was $3,000 but it must have cost a small fortune to create that costume.

After the contest, we all went downstairs to the “club” part and danced our little butts off. We then decided we were over it and went home.  We all crammed in Hailie’s Jetta, which had a parking ticket on it.  Cody had to get in the trunk because there wasn’t enough room and we decided it was time for a Taco Bell run. We literally were driving around for over a half an hour until we got to the Taco Bell.  Worried that Cody was dead, we told him to get out of the trunk and the people behind us must have shat themselves.  

{Hailie and I}
{Maria, Me}

We all got our goodies and I could barely wait to eat it. As we approached the apartment building we see 2 cop cars and I joke “I wonder if it is for Michelle?” jokingly since we had no idea where she disappeared to after she walked off stage.  We got to Hailie’s apartment door and saw pieces of mini-wheat costume, little bits of purse trash and chap-stick.  We all figure, “welp Michelle is in there” and she was.  We are all feasting when I hear a knock on the door.  I open it and find a little man asking for Michelle. He explains he is their neighbor and Michelle came home and thought we were inside and started banging on the door to let her in.  According to the little man she was banging on other doors as well.  Michelle said this was false.  Nevertheless the little man called the cops, but before the cops could get up to Michelle, she had roundhouse kicked the door open and went to sleep in her bed. We all laughed and closed the door on the little man and went to sleep.  I woke up the next morning and felt like death and realized my red dots did not come off all the way and had stained my face.

We later found out on the radio that Michelle had a little too many bowls of mini wheats and was loured outside and took a cab home.  She also got to talk on the radio and used the phrase that will go down in history; “Well Elliot, it started with a few woodchucks”

Halloween Night #2

On Saturday night I went out in Frederick with a bunch of my high school friends. This night was much of a blur.  I met up with Amy, Maddie and Sarah W. at Sarah’s house and chugged a few vodka sodas.  Amy looked adorable in her Audrey Hepburn Costume (With brown bun wig!) Sarah was Sookie from True Blood and Maddie was a dark angel and looked fabulous.  We made our way to Firestone’s and got some beers and hung out. People seemed to like my costume and kept staring. The owner of Velvet Lounge came up to me and said she knew who I was and that she loved my costume; that made me very happy.  

 {Amy, me}
 {Willy, Me, Sara}
 {Me, Jessica}

Finally Amy and I made our way to Griff’s where we met up with our friends; Maggie {Vampire}, Jessica {Witch}, Sara {Black Swan}, Erika {Devil}, and Pat and Willy who were lame and didn’t dress up. We had a blast dancing and joking around.  Some of the people at Griff’s were saying I looked like I had small pocks, I was getting irritated but in my state of mind quickly forgot.  When everything was over with Wade came and got me and I ended up with red spots on my face for the next few days.

 {Maggie, Erika and their friend}
 {Willy and Jessica}

Halloween Night #3

On Sunday Wade and I had a long day of relaxation.  We ended up watching scary movies on TV all day.  I also carved my pumpkin after lots of researching and decided on a cute spider template.  I wanted something fun but not too challenging.  We ate Candy corn and drank a fun fall drink, Whiskey with diet ginger ale and apple cider. I lite my pumpkin and put it on the front porch.  We watched American Horror Story onDemand and The Walking Dead.  Then it was time for bed.

 {Spider Pumpkin ’11}

 Halloween Night!

Work was as usual. No one dressed up 🙁  I got home hoping for trick or treaters but we did not get a SINGLE one. More candy for Wade and I 🙂 We spent the night with a fire in the fireplace and scary shows on TV.
I love Halloween 🙂

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