Sushi Making

Back in July, My friend Casey, had a sushi making party for her birthday.  It was adorable.  She sent out little invitations to our houses with an RSVP date and everything.  I was super excited for this event since I have been practicing making my own sushi at home.

Finally the day came and Wade and I walked into Casey’s house and were blown away.  Casey went all out.  She had a sushi rolling table, the ones that are super low to the ground, and rolling equipment, decorations and everything!

 {Adorable Sushi rolling set up}

Wade and I were the first ones to show up at the party and I was very glad. I had first dibs on all the snacks!

{Snacks AKA a feast before the actual sushi making occurred}
{Was obsessed with the jasmine tea-so adorable}

Being first also meant I had more time to digest before having to eat the sushi we made.  Finally one by one the group came together and we all talked and ate and laughed. 
 {Lining up for the food}
At one point, someone informed me that i was eating the edamame completely wrong.  I was eating the whole thing instead of cracking open horizontally and eating the pea thingies inside.  I was told that they contained tons of fiber and considering i ate about ten of them in the past 30 mins I may have to go potty soon.

{The Asian dessert w/ the cakes and little Asian candies}
After eating our plates and getting seconds despite out bickers about almost exploding we got seconds and tried the little candies on the table.  Some we loved and some we weren’t very fond of.  The little rice “candies” that were in the shape of little Asian people were not the best.
 {Wanting to destroy the cake}

 I kept eying the cake and it took everything I had to not want to take those chopsticks and swirl them around in the cake.  I eventually voiced my desire and Brittany thought I was insane.
 {Ready to make some sushi}
We eventually made our way to the tiny table and after almost knocking the whole thing over I squeezed into my little corner with Jesye. We proceeded to bang our chop sticks on the table waiting for everyone to hurry up and sit down so we could do this thing!

Casey had everything I could think of to make sushi; different types of crabs, shrimp, smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, green peppers, you name it. I was in heaven.  Casey brought over little finger bowls for us and we began.

{Pretty centerpiece}

She began to explain how to make the sushi but it was a different way then I had learned.  She said to take the rice and spread it on the bamboo mat, and using the thread outlining of the mat to make a perfect rectangle.  I had always done it by spreading the rice directly onto the seaweed. Nonetheless I tried Casey’s way and, after spreading, grabbed a piece of seaweed and placed it on top of the rice. I then was told to apply pressure and did as I was told and almost knocked the whole table over… again..
 {Sushi rolls with some Japanese Beer}

I added my fixin’s and made a salmon, cream cheese and avocado role and a spicy crab, cream cheese and green pepper roll. Casey’s mom handed some of use some Japanese beer and I loved it! It was full of flavor but not heavy.

{Dessert Sushi}

We then were told a little surprise.  Teacher Casey had found an idea for dessert sushi making online.  She handed up rice krispies, candies, swedish fish and fruit by the foot and we all rolled our dessert sushi. It was a lot easier to roll and look more put together then our other rolled sushi but it wasn’t nearly as good as the real kind.
 {Action shot of the fruit by the foot eating contest}

I then looked over and saw Casey and Diane having a fruit by the foot race.  supposedly they would see who could eat the fruit by the foot the fastest when they were younger. And sometimes did it with 5 at a time! 
 {Saki Bombs!}

We then decided it was a good idea to go jump on the trampoline outside.  Wade and I were jumping together and we jumped in sync for awhile.  When i was sitting on the trampoline Wade decided it would be funny to jump around me.  This made me jump like 5 ft in the air and nearly have 1. a heart attack from thinking my fat ass was going to plop off the trampoline and onto the ground and 2. a vomiting episode.  After screaming for 3 mins straight and multiple pictures being taken {not posting them even if I knew where they were} We climbed off and all took Saki Bombs outside on the porch. 
Casey, Diane, Tiffany, her Husband and I decided to go downtown afterward and keep the BDay celebration going. We went to the Cellar door and listened to the band they had and then made our way to Brewer’s Alley for some Kolsh’s before I headed down to the scene to meet another friend for her birthday.  All in all I loved this idea and I had a blast.  Thank you Casey for throwing this awesome event!

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