Pampered Princess

Last March I received a gift card to a Herndon Day Spa from my old group at work.  I was very excited to use it, but did not want to have to travel all the way to  Northern VA on a weekend. {I commute every weekday as it is to NOVA} I had been trying to find a time I could sneak out of work a few hours early during the week but was afraid something would come up and I would have to cancel my appointment. {they charge you for the services if you cancel within 48 hours of the appointment} So this week when my boss was out on work travel seemed like the perfect time.  I called and asked for a 4pm Wednesday appointment but only 2:30pm was available.  I took that appointment and scheduled a 50 min signature facial and 50 min massage. I was given a $125 gift card and saw an October coupon on the salon website for 25% off any spa service.  I would have to pay a little out of pocket but decided to still splurge for both spa services {besides I can get a mani and pedi in Frederick!}

The Salon I went to was called Shapes Salon and Day Spa.  Website {here}. They have one location in Herndon {less than a mile from my work!} and another in Fairfax. 

On Wednesday i could hardly contain my excitement to be pampered.  I have had one other professional massage before at Daisy’s Salon {website here}, when they had a February special on massages and loved it; but I have never had a professional facial.

I arrived to the Day Spa 20 minutes early and filled out the necessary paperwork and went into their lovely room/locker room and changed into a comfy white robe.  I was immediately asked if I would like something to drink.  Wanting wine but too afraid to ask for it, I opted for plain water. {hey on the website I see a woman with wine in her hand!}  I was amazed with the decor of the spa area! Here are some pics of the place.

 {Picture off of Shapes Website}

 {quick picture from my iPhone}
{comfy robe!}

I was led to the massage room and got into the most comfy bed I have ever been in. The massage was heaven.  According to the massage therapist my right side is uber tense.  Part of the massage hurt a bit and it took everything I had not to flinch but today the problem areas feel relieved.  My favorite part was the arm/ hand and leg/foot massaging :).  The oils smelled amazing and the music was very peaceful and serene.  All of this combined with the dimmed lights made me so relaxed I caught myself a few times dozing off.

I was very said when the massage session was over but was excited to have my first facial experience. I was then led to another private room and laid down on another extremely comfy bed.
The facial expert took a huge light and magnifying mirror to my face.  she said overall my face looked good and had great elasticity and collagen but she could tell I picked at my hairline {shame on me}, I had some blackheads on my nose {I knew this}.  She dimmed the lights and we began my 50 minutes of continued relaxation. Hand cream was applied and my hands were placed in these little heated spa mitts. She took off my makeup with this gentle honey mile cleanser that smelled so good and applied all these different masks to my skin. I tried to pay attention to what each one did but I was too relaxed. 
From the little i heard she applied a mask to clean out my pores, one to to hydrate my skin and one damage rejuvenating mask.  she then took our her tools and the bright light and did away with my black heads.  Although that part was uncomfortable, I was glad to see some sort of results when I walked out of the spa.  She then applied a relaxation mask and gave me a mini massage on my neck, temples, arms and hands.  Finally she applied another hydration mask and it was all over :(.  I was led back to the changing room where I changed into comfy clothes that I had brought from home. {there was no way I was going to change back into my work clothes.}
I went out to the lobby where I was pressured into buying  all of the products she used.  The total came to $175 but then I had a 25% off any spa service coupon, which brought down the total to $152.  After using the gift card I had to pay $27 out of pocket plus $15 each for tip.

Overall the experience was great and I felt like a princess.


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