Forest Adventures

 Hike #1

Despite my diva-like qualities, one of my all time favorite things to do when it is nice out is take a hike.  Wade and I took Cha Cha to Gambrill state park this past summer and had an amazing time.  Between Cha Cha and I barely being able to make it and being lapped by this little old woman multiple times and also Wade getting us lost, it has become a memory I will cherish for years to come.  Below are some snap shots of that fun/awesome day 🙂

 {Peeping through the trees-Such a pretty view}
 {reminds me of an enchanted forest}

 {Sweaty and tired but loving it!}
 {Exhausted little thing}
 {Such a clear blue sky day}
{Interesting shroom!}


Hike #2

Two weekends ago my parents, Cha Cha and I took a little hike to see the new, renovated aqueduct near by. There are a bunch of aqueducts within the C&O Canal State Park but this one was constructed in the early 1800’s but collapsed in the 1970’s. Finally a few years ago they reconstructed it using many of the original stones and materials from when it was originally built.  It was beautiful and I loved reading the history on how it was originally constructed and used. Some more pics below of this trip.

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