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?My favorite season changes from year to year. Last year I found myself craving snow, Christmas music, and hot coco even in the nicest weather in summer.  This year, I have fall fever.  I have been longing for apple cider, pumpkin flavored everything, carving, Halloween and the leaves turning beautiful shades of orange, maroon and brown.  Being that this time last year I was just moving into my house; I did not have a chance whatsoever to decorate for Autumn.  Fast forward to the beginning of Sept of this year (2011), I went crazy at Joann fabrics finding awesome fall decor to use to decorate.  I also rummaged through my parents house for old decorations they did not use or that were mine when I was a child.  My grandmother also gave me some of her decorations she used in her house.

I took some snap shots of the decorations thus far in my home.  Let me take you on a little tour:

Living Room:
The living room is my favorite room in the house. Mostly because it is the one that I put the most effort in decorating when I moved and because of the cozy feeling I get every time I sit down.

{My fall-ish mantel}
Sorry for the dark photo, when using the flash the pretty lights weren’t showing up. One of these days I will get a decent camera.

I covered my mantel in orange twinkle lights I found at Joann fabrics and really loved how it turned out.  I was worried about the fall colors clashing with my grey walls, black and white curtains and baby blue accents but just took away the blue pillows and blankets and found that it worked pretty well.

{Love this fall berry wreath!}
I hung a fall vine/berry wreath over my mantel mirror.  Wade hates when I do this. {done with a cranberry wreath during Christmas} But my Mother and I love it. The wreath was also purchased during my crazy Joann fabric spree for around $10 bucks.
 {Fall scented candles, wooden pedestals and ceramic fruit}

These wooden candle pedestals are everywhere at my parents’ house year round.  When I moved, my mother gave me a few and they have been used as decor in my basement up until now.  I think they bring a fall feel and are great to display all of my apple, pumpkin and spice candles.  
{Straw Pumpkin and mini pumpkins}

I feel in love with this medium sized straw pumpkin at Joann’s for about $6 bucks.  Added some mini pumpkins to make the mantel not look so bare on one side.

{Witch inspired broom and half green pumpkin}

My mother found this little broom at my grandparents’ house just in time for Halloween.  It is hard to see in the photo but the handle of this broom is very cool; with twists and other kinds of textures. The pumpkin use to be ALL green. I picked this with my friends when we had a little pumpkin patch get together a few weeks ago. {blog on that to come}

{Childhood ceramic pumpkin} 

This is one of my favorite decorations of all time.  This little gem sat on my blanket chest in my room every fall since I was a baby.  My mom put a light inside and I remember falling asleep staring at it and getting so excited for Halloween! There is also a long skinny ghost version of this but it is no where to be found. Maybe next year it will turn up!

{Fall leaves}

Found this strand of autumn leaves on sale at Joann’s.  I taped it to the “banister” that leads down into the basement.

{Adorable battery powered Jack O Lantern}

For some reason I am in love with this thing.  It has gone through about a zillion battery changes since I have used it this year, but I cannot get enough.  We placed this on our TV stand.

{Laid black sheer fabric with purple sparkles over my antique end tables}
I draped this pretty black, sheer, nylon fabric over both of my end tables. At $2.99 a yard I found it a great deal and I loved the feeling it brings to the room. Wade also does not like this decoration but what does he know. 🙂

{Up close}

{Moved one end table to an empty space}

Here is my childhood grapevine tree that was ALWAYS in my room.  We are talking not just Halloween, but for x-mas and Easter too. I found all of my Halloween ornaments and added some twinkle lights to the mini tree. I’m in love!

{My favorite are the little bats on the rope}

{Antique dip dish filled with glittery skulls}
These sparkly skulls are what my mom would likes to call it, “junk.”  But I love them.  It brings the eeriness  of Halloween but keeps it fun and girl-ish with the sparkles.  I didn’t know what to put the skulls in so I went digging through the boxes I received from my Grandmother and found this dip dish to work perfectly. The Skulls were once again from Joann’s and on sale!

{Halloween Pinups printed offline}
I stole this idea from my friend Hailie.  She is the best at decorating and I loved her idea of printing off different holiday pin ups and putting them in frames on the wall.  Hailie had a bunch on her wall and they looked great.  These two were my favorite of all of them. What a cheap and easy idea! I also have a picture of my great grandmother in a Witches costume when she was about 11 that I plan on hanging here as well.  I just need to find a cheap frame for it.

{My little rusty tin scarecrow}

This guy was one of the few decorations that graced my college apartment’s presence.  I love him and didn’t know where to put him so I just hung him on a door knob.

{Little pumpkin ornament that didn’t fit on my tree}

 The lime green, royal blue colors used in my kitchen made it challenging to decorate for fall.  But I managed to add a few touches to make it feel like that time of year.

{Cornucopia on a ledge in the kitchen}
My mother found this sparkly gold cornucopia at my grandmother’s and gave me some more ceramic fruit and some leaves to add inside.  I moved a flower pot that was here and I think it adds a nice subtle touch.

{countdown to Halloween}
I also saw this at my friend Hailie’s house. I found one on sale while perusing the Joann’s aisles and snatched one up.  It is so cute and keeps me in check on getting my costume ready as well as making sure I do all of the Halloween-ey things I want to do before the big day.
{Candy Corn}
Wade loves candy corn; I think it is so so.  I originally bought them to decorate candied apples but filled another antique dip dish with them instead.  Now Wade can grab a handful whenever he wants.

Dining Room:
It is sad to admit but the dining room is one of the most neglected rooms in the our house.  We NEVER sit down and have a meal. Nonetheless I wanted to decorate as much as I could and decided to tackle this space.

{Purple twinkle lights}
After almost breaking my neck a few times by standing on a chair to put these suckers up.  I finally turned off the other lights and lite these babies up and I loved it. I leave them on during the night time when we are in the living room,and love to see them on when I walk into the dark kitchen to get a drink.

{Open antique desk and autumn flowers}

This desk is one of my most prized possessions.  I have always had it closed with the vase, pictured below, on top.  I decided to switch things around a bit and open it up.  I found old remince of flowers in the little drawer and it made me imagine my grandmother putting decorations on it back in the day.  I placed my new Maryland Tobacco jar on top of the desk and added some fake leaves and fall flowers to the vase.

Finally I shinned up an old silver plated serving tray that I received from my Grandma and place the vase that once was on the green desk on top.  I added some less overbearing fall flowers and ta da!! 

In the coming weeks I plan to add some more fresh pumpkins and gourds.  I need to think of a unique pumpkin carving idea.  Last year I carved Jack Skellington and think it turned out pretty well. I have seen some idea’s on my new website love “Pinterest” that will hopefully make this years pumpkin carving even better.

{Last year’s pumpkin}

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